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Bioinformatics Institute of India (BII)| Clinical Trials | Bioinformatics| Pharmacy Course - bioinformatics course, pharmacy,clinical trials data management,Clinical Research,Regulatory affairs,Healthcare administration,Hospitality,Pharmaceutical chemistry,Drug designing,Intellectual property rights,Forensic science,Biotechnology,Bioinformatics,Pharmacovigilance,Good manufacturing practices,Healthcare informatics,Product management,Clinical trails,Computational biology,Structural comparative and computational genomics,Proteomics,Human genomics,Industrial based,Distance learning

  • http://www.bii.in/programs/distanceLearning/industryprogram1.html Bioinformatics Institute of India - Pharma Regulatory Affairs | Pharmacy | Clinical Trials - The pharma regulatory affairs are important for the knowledge of the laws and regulations mandated by the federal government.
  • http://www.bii.in/programs/distanceLearning/industryprog_inbii.html Bioinformatics Institute of India (BII) | Industry Program in Bioinformatics - To be the biggest knowledge enhancement movement in the world in the area of Bioinformatics through BII.
  • http://www.bii.in/aboutUs/profile_mission_goals.html Bioinformatics Institute of India - Profile - Bioinformatics Institute of India provides online technical and scientific education.
  • http://www.bii.in/aboutUs/mission.html Bioinformatics Institute of India - Mission - The main objective of BII to promote excellence in biotech, life science and pharmacy related education.
  • http://www.bii.in/aboutUs/quality_policy.html Bioinformatics Institute of India - Quality Policy - BII Quality policy is as per ISO certification number NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 requirements which have been developed and implemented according to quality management system.
  • http://www.bii.in/aboutUs/infrastructure.html Bioinformatics Institute of India-Infrastructure - BII provide high tech facility in your campus such as fully air-conditioned class rooms, digital library, computer lab etc.
  • http://www.bii.in/aboutUs/publications.html Bioinformatics Institute of India - Publications - Many types of books published by BII director such as bioinformatics, molecular biology etc.
  • http://www.bii.in/programs/distanceLearning/overview.html Bioinformatics Institute of India (BII)| Distance Learning | E-Learning | Overview - If someone is a working professional and wants to enhance his/her skills but doesn’t have time to spare for regular. BII provide distance learning education has completely changed the way students approach education.
  • http://www.bii.in/programs/distanceLearning/pharma_domain.html Bioinformatics Institute of India | Pharma Domain | Pharmacy | Online Pharmacy - BII has introduced programs entitled as Industry Program in pharma and clinical trials areas that are clinical trials, pharma regularity affairs, research and administration, pharmaceutical marketing, drug design patenting etc.
  • http://www.bii.in/programs/distanceLearning/clinicaldata.html Bioinformatics Institute of India - Clinical Trials Data Management and Pharmaco-vigilance | Clinical Trials - BII provide the online training in the area of clinical trials data management and pharmaco vigilance.
  • http://www.bii.in/programs/distanceLearning/marketing.html Bioinformatics Institute of India (BII) | Pharmaceutical Marketing | Clinical Trials - Pharma marketing is a multi star profession says Dr. Anand Shedge. Liberalization is the new name to the old Darwin's principle 'Survival of the Fittest' and Globalization of Management is the Fact of Life.
  • http://www.bii.in/programs/distanceLearning/drugdesign.html Bioinformatics Institute of India (BII)| Drug Designing and Patenting - The overall aim of the course is to give participants an overview of the significance of intellectual property rights (IPR) on pharmaceutical research and development.
  • http://www.bii.in/programs/distanceLearning/production.html Bioinformatics Institute of India (BII) | Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Production - Pharmaceutical Chemistry is an area of chemistry focused on the development of new drugs and the modification of currently used drugs to prevent.
  • http://www.bii.in/programs/distanceLearning/proficiency(6months).html Bioinformatics Institute of India (BII)| Pharmaco Vigilance - Pharmacovigilance in India is gaining momentum within the arena of Research and Development. As Pharmacovigilance is becoming an important part of drug development.
  • http://www.bii.in/programs/distanceLearning/pharmagood(6months).html Bioinformatics Institute of India | Pharma Good Manufacturing Practices - This course is intended to give participants an introduction to cGMP regulations and their application to laboratory studies and manufacturing processes.

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