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Arizona Drug Rehab Center | AZ Drug rehab - Arizona's #1 best drug rehab treatment center. Alcohol addiction treatment & process addiction treatment in Prescott, AZ.

  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/addiction-treatment-programs Addiction Treatment Programs - The best drug rehab center programs are the ones that make a real difference in overcoming addiction. Our addiction treatment modalities vary based on the patient.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/adult-men-women-rehab-programs Adult Men & Women Rehab Programs | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Our Adult Men and Women’s Alcohol & Drug rehab program was designed to address the needs of a more mature, professional clientele, whose addiction is getting in the way of being a successful member of their community or a being a better, more present, spouse for their loved one or parent for t...
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/young-adult-18-27-drug-alcohol-rehab-arizona/ Young Adult (18-27) Drug Alcohol Rehab Arizona | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - The goal of our young men and women’s program is to first stabilize the client by assisting them with their detoxification needs, teach them basic life skills and the foundations of sobriety, and finally transition them slowly back into the real world with the full support of A Sober Way Ho...
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/young-opiates-program/ Young Opiates Program | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - We have noticed a very chilling trend among young drug users: More and more are listing heroin or opiate pills as their number one drug of choice. This is no longer a socioeconomic issue, nor is it an issue of intelligence or simply making a “choice.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/gambling-specific-program-a-sober-way-home Gambling Specific Treatment | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - A Sober Way Home’s Gambling Specific Treatment Program provides compassionate, professional and comprehensive counseling and Gambling Specific Treatment in the mountainous setting of Prescott, AZ.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/dual-diagnosis/ Dual Diagnosis Treatment | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - At A Sober Way Home, our medical and clinical staff are trained to provide the help/referrals necessary for clients arriving to our center who may have already been dually diagnosed, as well as provide the assistance needed for clients who may be unaware of the presence of depression or mental healt...
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/a-sober-way-home-brain-center/ A Sober Way Home Brain Center – Neurofeedback program | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Please Note: There is an additional fee for neurofeedback. Our intake professionals can discuss costs at time of admission. The ASWH Brain Center was designed to: Increase addiction recovery rates Aide in resolving impulse control disorders Diminish eating disorders Integrate trauma and repair ADD/A...
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/programs/daily-treatment-schedule/ Daily Treatment Schedule | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - A sample of our daily substance abuse treatment schedule. Rehab program scheduling is subject to change at any time based on client needs and individual addiction treatment plans.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/individual-therapy-a-sober-way-home Individual Therapy | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Individual therapy sessions are private counseling sessions that take place between the client and their primary care therapist. Individual therapy sessions take place once a week, but work in close conjunction with their Primary Therapy Group (which is lead by their therapist).
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/family-therpay/ Family Therapy | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Please Note: *There is an additional fee for Family Therapy Workshops. Our intake professionals can discuss costs at time of admission. A Message to Family - About the Role of Loving Family and Friends As no two clients are ever alike, every resident at A Sober Way Home receives an individualized tr...
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/holistic-therapies/ Holistic Therapies | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Equine Therapy (AAT) are just some of the holistic addiction treatment modalities that we use to in our drug rehab programs.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/christian-centered-tracks Christian Centered Track | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Our Christian Addiction Recovery Track is for individuals who identify with Christ as their Higher Power wish to approach recovery & life from a Christ Centered Christian Perspective.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/drug-tests-a-sober-way-home/ Drug Tests | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - A Sober Way Home, Inc is pleased to bring our clients and their families peace of mind through random weekly drug testing. These tests can detect, with the most precise accuracy, up to 35 different drugs commonly used and abused by addicts and alcoholics.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/sober-chaperone-service-a-sober-way-home/ Sober Chaperone Service – A Sober Way Home | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - We have always firmly believed, at A Sober Way Home, that once admitted to our program, a client should avoid leaving treatment at all costs. The reason for this is simple: Relapse. No situation has proven us right as often as a client “temporarily leaving” treatment without a Sober Chaperone.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/court-assistance-services-a-sober-way-home/ Court Assistance Services | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - At A Sober Way Home, we understand that good people, when in their addiction, may do things (i.e. commit crimes) they never would have had they been in their right state of mind.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/a-sober-way-home-rehab-requirements/ A Sober Way Home Rehab Requirements | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - A client entering any of A Sober Way Home's programs must be at least 18 years of age. Clients must be medically cleared. Our facilities are gender-specific; men's and women's residences are in separate locations within the city.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/insurance-verification Insurance Verification | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - At this time, we are not contracted to accept Medicare, Medicaid, AHCCCS or Tricare. A Sober Way Home Family of Services does accept most commercial insurance providers. The extent to which you will be covered by your insurance company depends on your specific policy.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/insurance-processing/ Insurance Processing | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - A Sober Way Home will bill your Insurance A Sober Way Home will bill your insurance provider. We will submit the billing documents to your insurance provider for a retrospective review. We may add a 10% processing fee.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/airport-pickup-service-a-sober-way-home/ Airport Pickup Service | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - A Sober Way Home is strategically located in beautiful Prescott, AZ, which is just close enough to Phoenix that it’s a short drive, but far enough away that the temptations of the big city are out of “easy” reach for our clients.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/blog Blog | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Learn more about professional drug & alcohol rehab treatment modalities and techniques.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/executive-team A Sober Way Home’s Professional Treatment Staff | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Our team of dedicated, experienced addiction treatment specialists are here to help those struggling with addiction and their families get the addiction treatment they need.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/location Location | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - We provide safe, aesthetically pleasing residences in the scenic, mile-high city of Prescott, Arizona, where our clients are surrounded with supportive friends, exemplary role models and well-trained leadership.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/mission-statement-a-sober-way-home/ Mission Statement | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Our mission is to create a safe, family-like environment to help those struggling with addiction. Read our full mission statement here.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/education-options-in-prescott-az/ Education Options in Prescott, AZ | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Prescott, Arizona is a small intimate community with a strong recovery support system for young adults. Over 100 12 step meetings are available each week and within walking distance. Additionally, there are several excellent colleges to attend.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/employment-opportunities-a-sober-way-home/ Employment Opportunities | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - Substance Abuse Therapist We are always looking for the best and brightest talent in the counseling field. This is a very rewarding position for the right candidate.
  • https://www.asoberwayhome.org/contact-us Contact Us | Arizona Drug Rehab Center - We are here for you. If you have any questions at all about A Sober Way Home, our programs, or how we can help you or a loved one don't hesitate to contact us.

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