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  • Prosperity - Packs the 1-2 Punch....

    I always keep Goldenseal in my herb arsenal. Look mostly for organic, but do find Nature's Way at a reasonable price-point. I treat Goldenseal with lots of respect (and don't use it all the time). I feel it's a powerful herb - and I use it for isolated issues.

  • Black_Unicorn - Perverts of the world, FEEL UP!!!

    What screams "I love you" like a toy that helps a child grow and develop into a latex-glove toting groper of random people? The answer, obviously, is nothing. In this present economy, people need the tools necessary to make a living, and while some might muse over the irony of outlawing prostitution while paying a regular salary for people to get to 3rd base (or even home plate if an opt-out at the airport moves to a private search room) with random tax payers, Playmobile toys sees it the way the rest of us ought to and has presented a fun, durable and educational model for waging America's continuing war with the 4th Amendment. Like the real thing, you won't find any warrants necessary in the process of showing your son or daughter the ropes on how to adapt their techniques, nor any pesky lawyers to get in the way of copping that feel necessary to keep the terrorists on the run.