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  • Space Kevin - Terrible AC/DC supply

    Remember when all your smart electrical engineering friends set sail from university to go become AC/DC power supply engineers? Yeah, me neither, because that was 30+ years ago. This thing has some sort of terrible power supply problem, and it really just does not go away. If you're into sweet games and playing them on your TV in big screen mode... you won't be doing any of that. If you're really into staring at a flashing yellow alien head, this device is for you! The power supply on this thing is a piece of complete garbage. For no reason that anyone can figure out, it flashes yellow instead of booting the f-ing machine. Apparently, Dell is still stuck in like 35 year old problems of creating a simple power supply that works. What a piece of crap. I am sitting here wishing I could play a game but instead I only get a flashing alien head. Go 1980s techology... but less reliable! Woo!

  • T. Wong - perfect

    i just received this for my 7 mth old son in orange and it is perfect! the seating is nicely padded, the metal arms that anchor to the tabletop feels very solid (no moving or shaky parts). this feels like a very solid well-made product. i am anchoring this to our kitchen table in place of his bouncer so he has a place to hang out while i cook, it will be an useful item when we travel or eat out as well. the only complaint i could have is the underside arms that spin and lock the chair in place could spin more easily to make anchoring this chair to tables much faster but that is a really really small inconvenience. i am extremely pleased with this product, definitely well-worth the price!

  • A. Owens - Great natural formula

    Thermofit really is a fantastic combination for weight loss. You have Capsicum to increase your energy output to burn more calories as well as suppress your appetite, Acai Berry extract, Rasberry Keytones, Vitamin B12, Chromium, Guarana Seed Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and more! The best thing to ask yourself is whether you think all of these extracts work or not. Do your research. If you think you believe the research, then try the Thermofit. Not everyone responds the exact same way to any given supplement, so some people will see better results than others. That's just the nature of our personal body chemistry being so unique and different from one another. For me personally, I have lost weight with it (7lbs in a month and I was already of average weight, not overweight) I'm more impressed with the energy it gives me during the day when I take it. As a mother of four young kids, I'm ready to fall asleep on the couch at 2pm every day. When I'm taking Thermofit, I NEVER feel the need for a nap and I forget what fatigue feels like, honestly! It can be life changing if you tend to be fatigued every day.