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  • Neil D Titus - Run away from this crap

    This was the first and last time i will use this brand of hair straightener.After spending two hours working on my hair i ended up with a dry curly afro hairstyle.It did'nt even make my hair straight.I even read the directions twice before i started and the results were so bad i now am forced to chop off my all my hair and start over.I am going back to Ogilvie brand.This will not straighten your hair but make it a dry frizzy disaster.This product is so bad it should be pulled from the shelves.

  • Lenora Roberts - Healthy Hair Staple

    Since using the Aphogee system my hair is extremely healthy, strong(as a rope)and soft(as cotton) which promotes and bring about growth, this is the desire for every woman with natural ethnic hair. It's a great product for all hair types may it be straight, wavy, curly or kinky. If you're into strong and healthy hair then this is the product for you. Love it, love it, love it!

  • [email protected]#1 - Recomended software

    I recomend this since they automatically upgrade your version if your subscription expires a few months after january 1. Will give you the full 365 days coverage. I switched to this company after another one charged me full price for coverage when i bought my computer on black friday and only got coverage for 1 month before they charged me again for a new version for next year.


    WOW! A cd AND a dvd? And both ROCK! I missed Halestorm when they came to Tulsa (family must come first), and have been bummed about it ever since. Thank you, Halestorm, for a dvd so I could have a live Halestorm experience! Both the cd and dvd are are good recording quality and wonderfully edited. Lzzy and and Arejay give 'em HALE, while Joe rocks it out and Josh lays down the bottom line. I was surprised they gave "equal time" to the bass (not usually done on a live dvd-ROCK ON, FELLOW BASSPLAYERS!!!). Getting to see Lzzy front the band and hearing her perform vocally was a real treat. And getting to see Arejay (and eventually the rest of the band joining in)BOOM it up on "Boom City" was excellent!!! LOVED IT when Joe (on ACOUSTIC GUITAR) and Lzzy performed my favorite Halestorm song "I'm Not An Angel". I bought the first Halestorm cd (what seems like) a long time ago, and gave it a rating of "OMG-YOU MUST HEAR THIS!", and this live performance is right there, too. Halestorm rocks you hard, takes you down with A Familiar Taste Of Poison, and then rocks you up and leaves you wanting more. This is more than a concert - THIS IS A PERFORMANCE. You watch and/or listen and you'll know what I mean. Can't wait to see what they do next!!!

  • cathy - This stuff is MAGIC. We use it on our ...

    This stuff is MAGIC. We use it on our porch, deck and dock/bar area. Haven't seen a spider web since I started using it. It goes a long way and it doesn't leave any residue on siding. It's even supposed to be safe for use inside.

  • Tim. Smith - Watch out, product contains filler

    I bought this product some years ago and didn't open it until today, ONLY TO DISCOVER that Amazon had replaced half of it with Lead-206. Unlike the other reviewer who lost half of his Uranium completely, I had the same mass that I ordered, only half of it had been replaced with Lead-206, Bismuth, Radium, Thallium and a few others.

  • ATALB - Yeah it's bad

    Okay in the 80's things weren't like they are now... of course it's not gonna respond like a wii, kinnect, or move........ what do you expect, if you use this just realize that it's and old old toy.