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  • Sarah @ Words with Sarah - 3.5 stars*

    R.S. Grey has this talent for transporting her readers to the setting of her story. She crafts such vivid settings I just want to hop on a plane an go. Unfortunately, I can't because broke college kid but I digress. I devoured APITS in one sitting, just like all of other R.S. Grey books I've read.

  • CoBamboo - A Very Good Story

    A Good story with some wonderful insights, told from a different point of view. The story line is creative and original, with a small amount of romance novel written in to it. The author spends a good amount of time developing relationships and explaining the feelings of the characters. The is just enough science to support a space adventure with out becoming bogged down in massive amount of scientific jargon. The story line proceeds at good pace, with an occasional flash back or side story inorder to establish context.

  • Kyle K. - A Smart Watch by an actual Watch Company

    I have had the Fossil Q Founder for about a week. I purchased it directly from Fossil as I wanted the leather band version.

  • History Teacher - Versatile adhesive

    I do a lot of scratch-built models. Often I need to bond metal to wood, or plastic to metal. Most PVA white glues are not up to the task, and many epoxies are far too messy for the quantities I need. Liquid Fusion is the only product on the market that provides the strength and versatility I need with a minimum of mess. It sets quickly but takes several hours to dry. Once it is hard it takes paint well and will stand up to some pretty rough handling.

  • bobbie - don't press so hard!

    Doesn't work as fast as I want it to, but you can't rush these things. I read ppl complaining how it didn't work - they were probably pressing too hard. If you barely make contact, the roller can do it's job and you can see the dust fly. I'm happy with it.

  • nobody, I'm nobody - Great alternative to name-brand product

    Purchased these for my 2017 Subaru Forester, so if any of you are wondering if they fit the 2017 model Forester, worry not! Snug as a bug. Threw a kayak on top of them and drove 2 hours at 60+ mph with no problems at all.

  • Gave me much hope - Gave me much hope

    This was one of the first books I read after being diagnosed in 1995. I was engulfed with an incredible fear beyond words. This book gave me my first ray of hope that we can do much with nutrition and how each one of us needs to take an active part in our healing.