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  • lainer - The end to a bad hair life

    Put off by Wen's outrageous cost, I found Hair One by reading online reviews of Wen. I've only been using it a week or so, but I believe it really makes a difference. I have fine straight hair. Used to have a lot of it when I was younger, but certainly have less of it now that I'm in my 70's. I believe I have more body and certainly fewer fly-aways with Hair One. The problem with fine hair is that washing gives you some body but you get surface frizzies and then by the next day or two when it calms down, you've lost the body. Even on a day that I haven't washed my hair with Hair One, I can comb it into its style (I do use a silk pillowcase).

  • Werner Tuttle - This is an amazing resource getting you up and meditating right away!

    I was amazed at just how well this book worked for me. I always thought meditation would be really hard to learn. It seems like you need serious concentration ability and special powers to do it right. Well, this book takes away those barriers and shows you how you can jump right in and start making progress right away. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The benefits of it are huge and hit just about every part of your life. I feel so much more relaxed, less stress, and more energy after starting this!

  • D. Koonce - Limited memory, slow CPU

    The 4GB memory really hobbles the use of this as a smartphone. I bought this as a traveling spare and emergency phone and for that, I think it would be acceptable. But, for regular use, the limited memory means only a few apps can be installed. I added an SD card, but most apps cannot move all of their data to a card. With some work, you can get FB and instagram installed, but not much else.

  • LilMomma - Pills, Pills, Pills, Pills....oh did I mention the Pills?

    The cleanse portion was ok but the 14 day phase that followed was not a pleasant experience. There are so many pills to take especially if you use the "complimentary" products that are recommended. Big, hard to swallow pills that do nothing to help with weight loss except get you to fill up with the water you use to take them. If you follow the eating plan they suggest you WILL lose weight WITHOUT all of the products they sell you. The diet plan is portion controlled lean proteins, complex carbs and vegetables spaced out during the day avoiding most dairy, sugar and fried foods....of course you lose weight.

  • JenInTheDMV - Clever and Useful!

    What a clever invention! The TubShroom works exactly as promised. It's much easier to clean (and far less icky) than the mesh tub strainer I had. It also needs emptying less frequently because of the way the hair settles to the bottom of the cylinder. Water can still flow through the holes on the top part of the cylinder (under the cap) with ease. This does not mean that it traps less hair, in fact, the TubShroom seems to trap more hair than the mesh tub strainer.