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  • Jack1963 - Great item if your dog will play along

    I bought this ball thrower after originally purchasing the original iFetch (with much smaller balls). As my dog got bigger, I was afraid the small balls might get caught in her throat so I opted to use regular size tennis balls for throwing. While the unit works fine (it does shoot the ball with quite a bit of force), my dog lost interest over time. She will take the tennis ball and hover over the hole, but refuses to drop it on her own now. She enjoys me getting involved and forcing the ball drop. Once the unit shoots the ball, off she goes after it. Being able to use standard tennis balls really does help, but I wish my dog loved it like I do. It's a hefty price though, so I'm disappointed that I spent so much money and the dog doesn't use it much.

  • Kevin Shipp - Interesting but not what I expected

    The book is riddled with typos and errors right off the bat. There is even a spot where the pages are duplicated even though the page number changes.

  • Jeffrey S - Chaos on Parade

    I don't know what the previous versions of this book looked liked, but the 2013 edition suggests new "authors" and a product that was tossed together out of bits and pieces of other works. The result isn't pretty. I've already directly notified Frommers about the absurd map of the Metro system on page 80 that omits 5 metro stations including the Vatican. If I didn't have previous experience in Europe I would be scratching my head trying to figure out what I would need to get by electronics to work in Rome [Page 934 refers you to your local electonics store] and the "Telephones" section on pages 940-941 leaves me clueless as to how to call the nearby pizza place in Florence. Indeed, the authors seem to have an impressive ignorance of the REAL problmes most of us face as travlers. Want to know if and how to take the bus from Florence to Sienna, and the schedule, and whether there is such a thing as a reservation? You won't find it here.

  • Rebecca - I really like this little kit

    I really like this little kit. Mine came with both the stickered tips and the white polish. I've tried both applications, so my review is based on both.

  • K.E.Strelec - Keeps You Feeling Clean During That Time Of The Month

    I must say I am impressed with this product. I originally bought it for a gag gift for one of my girlfriends bachelor party. Apparently she used it and bragged to me about how well it worked for her. She finally talked me into giving it a try and like I said I am impressed. I used it during that awful time of the month and it really left you feeling fresh and clean. The scent is not strong but you can definitely smell a bit of vinegar in it. The smells goes away quickly and does not linger. The directions are a bit confusing to me, so I just spray it on the toilet paper , wiped and that's it. I do wish I could buy it in a bigger bottle, It really does a great job!

  • Feejo - Satisfied

    I like that software, but it take a while to learn and probably a clean install on a new pc is the solution to have less troubles.

  • Miss Bennett - Powerful stuff!

    I have very fine hair and not much of it so am always trying volume products. This stuff works, and keeps working the next day or more. Be careful about using it on top hair (versus roots). It will hold like a 1950's hairspray-- strong but a little plastic like.