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  • Adrian Martinez - FAKE YETI!!!

    FAKE! The yeti this person shows in the picture is the real thing but the one in person was fake! Although hard to notice do some research online! I am returning this back asap! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCAM!

  • Amazon Customer - GM Navigation program

    I purchased this program thinking that it would provide me with updated information. Unfortunately it was money wasted. The system would not allow me to program my home address (house number and street). Instead, it would place my house two blocks west of where I actually lived and were I to follow the directions of the system it would lead me to a dead end. Save your money.

  • James Amond - I wouldn't know which 1 of them are any good.. maybe they are all bad

    this board didn't help me contact anyone from the dead...I don't know maybe I didn't use it right..or maybe it's lack of faith in the board..but I bought it for my girlfriend at the time I was with her..she owns the board now...I am not to eager to buy the board again cause I believe the board does not have any powers of contacting the dead...I wish it would other wise I would buy 1 for myself...there is so many different versions of Ouija boards...I wouldn't know which 1 of them are any good ..maybe they are all bad...but I sure paid a lot of money for this..

  • Steven McKenna - I would not recommend. This product does not work

    Did not like this product at all. It did not work for me. Took the product for 3 weeks and I did not feel like any cleansing was happening. I would advise you to avoid this product. I was very leery when the same day I received the product I was getting emails asking me to review the product and I would get a free bottle of something. I waited to take the product for several weeks before I reviewed and found out the product is junk. This product probably has a 5 star rating because consumers rate the product right away to get a free product. Be careful. I have taken many cleansing products and typically you can tell if a cleanse is working is after the first day or two you will feel like you are sick or possibly a headache. That is the toxins getting stirred up and eliminated from the body. Not with this product. Sent product back. Waiting for a refund

  • Mike - Beware

    This product does not work at all!!! I followed the directions exactly and did multiple drug tests myself to see if it works! I failed four! I would call it the most expensive grape KoolAid in the world! Do not risk it!!! RIPOFF

  • Christy - Works amazing and is very well made and durable!

    I got this awesome walking stick for my husband to take with us on our weekend hikes. He recently had his ankle pretty much rebuilt due to a really bad injury and it bothers him pretty bad at times on our walks even though it is fully healed. So a friend and Dr. suggested that we buy a nice walking stick that way it helps him out but does not look like a cane therefore making him not feel as old. HAHAHA. So I went on the lookout for something nice but something that did not cost an arm and a leg. I came across a few nice ones but they were very expensive and a few I found were super cheap and I was afraid it might break really easy. The reviews were not so great so I decided to keep looking. Then I stumbled across this one and instantly loved it because of the color and because it does not look like a cane. It looks very sturdy and the reviews and price were great so i decided to give it a try. I ended up getting a great discount on it when I was checking out too so I was stoked. We have been using it for the past 2 weekends and my husband loves it. It really helps him out a ton. This thing is very well made and will last us a very long time. I am so happy with my purchase and happy that it really helps my husband a lot! Thank you so much for a great product!