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  • Amazon Customer - My fav!!

    I've tried so many products, especially the ones supposedly for women. The set is my favorite! I don't get jitters but I can feel it working! Can't wait to try the protein they just added! I read how some people didn't feel Anything, if you don't you may want to do a detox lol. People who feel too much, decrease your dosage. Especially if not used to these kinds of supplements. This is my favorite set!

  • A. Trotter - Not what I expected.... but nice

    When I picked it up, I thought it would be about fingers. Perhaps on the handrail of a New York subway station. Imagine my surprise when I found I had it all wrong! At first I felt betrayed - but I read on, and was enchanted. It's a story of heartbreaking inequalities, passionate interactions, capricious changes and prophetic statements. It should be on every insomniac's beside table.

  • Monica Lee - That Book is Great!!!!!!

    Milady's Standard Cosmetology Book is the future of my career! I love how updates it is with all the new FYI's & all the colors added to the book just spark it up!

  • D KAISER - Nite White didn't work Right

    I was very pleased at how fast it arrived, however, it was very disappointing to see how very minimal the whitening of my teeth became after using this product. I began to wonder about the expiration date or thought perhaps the product had been subjected to

  • S.P. - Nothing but trouble.

    I need to scan a high volume of documents (200+ pages a week) for work, and a "friend" recommended this scanner. Since it was purchased for me through my office's procurement department, returning it and getting a different model could take weeks, so I'm stuck with it. Right out of the box it was trouble, and for high volume scanning it's a nightmare. I've tried the equipment and software on three different computers, and have the same problems with all of them.

  • Brad Smith - Great Shaver

    I have been a Norelco user for 40 years but was very disappointed by my last unit about 5 years ago because the plastic on the shaver and its cord disintegrated so quickly. But this 2100 has renewed my opinion of the company's engineering talent. While the 2100 feels somewhat light and hollow, it delivers a GREAT shave and has an amazing battery life. It's been a full four weeks already, and it still does not need a second charge.