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  • sk_tech_house - My favorite case! I own a lot of s7 edge ...

    My favorite case! I own a lot of s7 edge cases and change frequently. I use this case very often since the leather looks so elegant, and the case is built so that the screen protector does not pop up. I love it. Simple and elegant.

  • Christine E. Silverman - Maximum improvement!

    They really did a good job updating this version of Milady's. The pictures are better, the diagrams are more detailed and the information is much more current. Do yourself a favor and update your version!

  • Lin55 - Really works!

    I purchased this to treat mold that was developing on the ceiling of my bathroom. This stuff really works on drywall. I sprayed and wiped the mold off, then gave a light spray again. No more mold!! But buyer beware - you might want to check you local grocery store before buying online. After I already purchased mine through Amazon, I was walking down the aisle in the grocery store with the cleaners - saw the exact same thing on the shelf and MUCH cheaper than I paid for it.

  • Joseph - CB-1 is a game changer

    CB-1 has been very effective for me. I had been the same weight for the last 10 years of my life. In 2 months, CB-1 helped me to gain the 15 pounds that I had been unable to put on from years of working out. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who struggles with putting on weight and wants to bulk up.

  • Lizeth - Put this intake on 2014 Dodge challenger rt.. ...

    Put this intake on 2014 Dodge challenger rt. . Faster throttle response and even gave the car a little more hp. Only took about 45 min to Install. I did this with it being 27degrees outside haha

  • Kalin Ivanov - The final mouse 2015

    The mouse fits my claw grip perfectly,but i think if the mouse was perhaps not that high infront would be even more perfect.Also the logo light is working randomly,after a few days.I really like the surf pads,they work perfectly on steel series Dex.

  • Jimmy P. Larkin - VERY BAD PRODUCT!!!

    Do not purchase this product. I wish I would have looked other places for reviews before looking at reviews on various virus protection websites that obviously are not from "real users". I have experienced all of the computer problems that are mentioned by other people giving this garbage bad honest reviews. I wish there was a minus number to use. Their software messed my computer up so bad that I could not read any info from any web site. It would just sit there and freeze and jump up and down. No website would fully load enough to respond to you. My Internet speed dropped from plus 30 Mbps to 0.70 Mbps. Yes, zero.70 !!