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  • Z. mostofitehrani - Good, but not great

    I bought this product after reading all the awesome reviews on Amazon. Although I think it's good, its not great. I realize everyone has different skin types and that's probably it wasn't so great for me. I'm just waiting to finish it so I can buy something else.

  • Michael Batts - Tylenol Arthritis Pain Caplets

    Purchased this product for my 95 years young Aunt whose doctor recommended this. As a 72 years young man I have also found this product to help relieve pain as a result of Arthritis.

  • Debbie F - ... first bottle to arrive because I had read mostly good reviews, but a few bad

    I waited for the first bottle to arrive because I had read mostly good reviews, but a few bad. It was shipped from California and arrived fairly quickly. It was a skin exfoliant. Just like the Avani I usually use. But at a much better price !! I immediately ordered a 2 pack (for an even better price ) . Which shipped from PA yesterday and arrived today ( Sunday ) all boxes were sealed properly ( clearly not tampered with ) and totally full. The 2nd order ( the 2 pack) even came with a little sample of Lior Gold collagen youth restoration serum which was a nice surprise. I will definately order this again in the future and recommend giving it a try if you're like me. And using the more expensive stuff. It does the exact same thing.

  • Juanita Osborne - Full of hours of fun facts!

    I purchased this for my 12-year-old granddaughter's birthday, which was just before Christmas. She has not put it down. Not a day goes by that she doesn't read it, use it, share the facts in it. It is beautifully done; pictures are high quality.

  • Roxanne - Don't Rent/Buy Unless Required

    Even if your professor does require this book, all the Restatements, UCC, and CISG are available online. Just type it into Google. I think I used the book once.