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  • Liz s - Good bike so far

    Good bike so far, wish it had better instructions on putting it together but with Google and my dads tool box it took about 3 hours. When I got it the front tires tube was broken and wouldn't hold air but I revived an emails today that I would be refunded the cost to replace the tube. So that's great. I plan on upgrading the tires and seat before any crazy long rides but it's a good starter bike so far!

  • Diane Grad - Its the best moisturizer I've ever used

    Its the best moisturizer I've ever used. It tingles when you first start using it , but then it calms down! Stays moist but not greasy. Love it!

  • Max Aperture - Very effective

    Normally when you order something like this you expect that it might help a little. I bought this for my daughter. She has been suffering with shin splints. That's just one of those very hard to find relief for type of maladies. So when I ordered this it was out of desperation. I had her try it the day it arrived after her cross country event. She said it worked. I thought that it must be psychosomatic until I tried it on my foot and neck. Both of us describe it as weird. The reason is that you don't feel any heat or sensation at all but when you think about the pain that existed before application you can tell it's working. My type of pain is more arthritic and achy and it works very well to reduce pain. It is effective for both of the applications that we used it for. I'm sold. BTW, it say's to use liberally and it will require less applications as you use it. We use it sparingly and have had great results and a little jar goes a long way for us.

  • Judith - One Day

    I just received my Plasma Sub-D last nite - first application on my neck - I'm 55 and it's starting to look crepe....well....I passed by three mirrors this morning just to make sure....but I swear - my neck looks better, especially in the one spot right over my Adam's apple that bothered me so much! I have very fair, sensitive skin and this had no ill effect on me. I can't wait to get the eye cream next!

  • K. Parent - If you want just one Superstar album

    ...then this is the one. It's the most ballanced one I know of. There are other recordings where you might get a somewhat better Judas, but you'll pay for it with a worse Jesus. A better moment here is compensated with some worse ones there. On this version, however, everything is good and some things are great. And it still rocks; some modern productions have 'Cats'ified the rock opera into a pop opera. There are other good versions out there, but if you just want one, this one is very consistent.

  • David Farrington - I had Mcafee last year and it updated automatically costing ...

    I had Mcafee last year and it updated automatically costing $95 but was reimbursed when I called. I ordered this program for @10.00 and it Mcafee loaded the latest version. I had problems installing on one computer but Mcafee support was able to make the necessary adjustments and load it for me. Their support is second to none.

  • Betty. R - Gilmour 8ply Flexogen Hose

    I purchased this Gilmour 8ply Flexogen Hose for the simple reason I have had with other hoses kinking and being difficult to roll up. I certainly have not been disappointed it is very easy to use and I now know I made the right choice. Love it.