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  • Paul F. Dolby Jr. - Liv relief pain relief cream

    I purchased this for my wife, to treat her Shingles pain, we could not see any relief at all. I would not recommend for shingles treatment.

  • Tracy Czuprynski - Great Product! ATTN Big Dog Lovers!

    The previous owner of our 2-year old house recommended Bona for our hardwood floors. I had never heard of this brand until she told me about it. In my old house I had always used the types of wood floor cleaners you get in grocery stores, such as Murphy's Oil, Orange Glo, etc. I always had to use a lot of elbow grease to get the stubborn dirt up using these products, and the finish ended up looking a little dull, too. If you've ever had a big dog, you'll know that dog drool is one of the hardest things to get off a surface. Bona is probably the best cleaner I've used so far for hardwoods and getting the spots of dried dog drool off that I missed when they were wet! It won't dull your floors and really does get the ground in dirt out with less toil. I use the spray bottle as well.

  • Andy A. - What I've Been Waiting For!

    When I first heard Perfect Illusion I began to doubt if the album would even be worth my time but man, am I glad I gave it a shot. This is the album I wanted from Gaga after Born This Way(loved that album). Energetic, honest, better lyrics and VOCALS!! I've always been frustrated with how gaga hardly used her voice to her fullest potential on her albums! I will say that the folksy elements wasn't what I expected but I've grown to love it. I see most of the people that don't like it are the ones that want to put her in a box. They want her to make another Fame Monster. So if you fall into that category you'll probably hate this but if you're open to anything other than club ready music or edm you might really enjoy it.

  • Female Kryptonite - AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!

    Introduction: I am 31-year-old female, 5ft8, 155lb. I suffer from osteoarthritis for almost 12 years now. It's hereditary, and started early. I fear steps, I dread squats, if I have to pick something up from the ground, I'd rather just leave it there. My husband has his own knee, ankle, elbow aches from his military days. The only acceptable exercise to the both of us, would be yoga.