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  • Tommy - Awful program, horrible layout and crashes constantly....

    Absolutely horrible program, clunky, large install, program kept crashing on brand new i7 machine with Nvidia GTX980TI. Would like to know how to get a refund for this immediately. Just found out i cant get a refund! Trust me, don't waste your money!!!!!!!

  • mojo - How to ace the USMLE Step 1: what you REALLY need to know (from a guy who broke 260 without killing himself studying)

    I actually used the 2004 edition of First Aid, but it doesn't change much from year to year. Here is what you need to know about how to ace the USMLE Step 1:

  • michael fiore - Wobbling front wheels

    APRIL 7, 2013: The suspension on the front wheels becomes unstable and wobbles at any speed above slow. I've determined the issue is with the actual wheel assembly which is detachable. It appears the issue is because the way UB attempted to build the suspension into the wheel axle housing...there's a reason nobody else does this. I have found a modification that may be helpful. By inserting a firm foam into suspension channel on both sides of the axle you can effectively reduce the wobble. The wobble will also go away for children over approx ~25lbs. I got this stroller yesterday (Saturday) and will be calling UB first thing on Monday morning. Its unacceptable, the reviews are coming in, and customers are complaining. They need to replace the front wheel system and face the facts.

  • Thomas - Great content, cheap book quality

    I like Rick Steve's travel guides and videos, and his books are usually my first "go-to" for travel planning. His Florence and Tuscany guide is filled with great insights helpful to those of us wishing to hit the highlights while avoiding the tourist traps, so no issues with the content. Instead, my two-stars reflect a "protest vote" of sorts against the extremely low physical quality of the book itself, whose pages and print are more akin to a phone book or a cheap newspaper. The print is visible through the pages, and is so light that I'm afraid it will smear if I touch it. The resolution of photos (all black and white) is so low as to be of little value other than to fill space. This would be less of a concern if the books carried a lower price, but being part of the Rick Steves empire they can charge what they want. C'mon Steve, for $18 we deserve more. Also, when will the Empire acknowledge the 21st century with electronic versions, as Lonely Planet has so successfully done.

  • ajones - Great Straightener

    My only complaint is I ordered the pink one with black polka dots, however, I was sent the snow leopard one.. But it does work AMAZING!! Would reccomend to anyone who straightens their hair, would definitely buy this again if mine was to ever break! Very worth the money!

  • Private Quentin Tarantino Fan - Whoa!

    Trip-Hop is basically hip-hop with a bit more substance than your average gangster record (those actually do have substance as well), and way more musical merit than any _________ rap artist out there today. Being released in 1991 makes it even cooler, but aside from the ahead of it's time bull_______ (influence had no impact on me whatsoever when deciding to get this), it's an awesome record on it's own. THe music is just so sublime. Trippy beats, deep basslines, samples of pianos, strings, effects, paired with dark urban raps, with soulful vocals that soar through the air. Can't argue with that.

  • Chisel178 - Looks good, but doesn't perform good

    I was very happy with the look and feel of the product when I opened the box. It's solid and heavy and makes my 4Runner look much more stylish. However, I am dissapointed on the reception of my radio as it sounds as if I don't have an antenna on the car and most stations sounds fuzzy. I would give it 5 stars on looks, but 0 stars on sound reception quality.