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  • Ranch Granny - Great Unicycle, Easy to Assemble, Fair Price!

    I bought this for my 9 year old granddaughter's birthday. We had to cut the seat post a couple of inches so it would fit her, but I wanted to buy her a 20" so she doesn't outgrow it immediately. We can always buy her a new seat post if she outgrows this one. That was the one complaint in all the reviews on the smaller size unicycles that I read, that their child had outgrown it very quickly, often in less than a year! My granddaughter learned how to ride in a Unicycle Club at her elementary school, and I didn't want her to lose that unusual skill, as she was really good at it. The unicycle was easy to put together, shiny and "cool looking." Ruthie was the Queen of the apartment complex where she lives after riding it in front of her friends. She is now teaching the other kids how to ride as well, lol. It's a great little cycle for the price,

  • joyce - The umbrella reinvented!

    I can't believe I could like an umbrella so much. This is a very large size. I love that the design is on the underside so I get to see it when I am using it. I love the handle shape, not the typical "J" shape so you have a grip even if your hand slips your hand is secure. You won't slip because it is rubber, not platic. The best part is how this umbrella closes. It closes in the opposite direction of what we have all been used to. It folds upwards. The water is caught inside rather than going everywheremail. It doesn't wet the floor, or your car. The car is the best place to see how this reinvented closure works.I can get into my car with the umbrella open to protect me, and then close it when the door is mostly closed and not get wet, and bring my not drippy umbrella into the car. I love this!

  • finyin - Works best on fine to medium thickness hair

    I have used this twice... yes, it is best to put the protective cream on in a thin layer, slighlty beyond the area you are planning to defoliate. It is important to put the defoliant on in two layers to obtain a sufficiently thick cover, no gaps.

  • B Agee - Horrible Instructions, Good Product

    The fit was perfect. Instruction very vague but with other posts was able to figure it out. Definitely need to improve the installation instructions. Sturdy & Durable for kayaks and paddle boards.