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  • HotRods4Ever - Really does quiet that pump down somethin fierce!

    Wow these really do help - dog gone it why do travel trailer manufacturers put the pump right under the bed?!!!! Quietens but does not completely remove the sound. Don't forget to get other pipe/hose adapters if you need them (amazon has them - check your RV or trailer first before ordering). I had to buy extra right angle fittings.

  • Sebastian - Great book!

    I do not usually write reviews after I read a book but this time I really had to. I loved the twist with the roman and fantasy all mixed up and I can not wait for the next book!

  • Maire Spellman - Slumber party wars review

    I choose this rating because it was really interesting and held my attention very well. I liked the book very much and would definitely recommend it to my friends and family. I would recommend the book for ages 9-15 years.


    A Place in the Sun played out like a movie right before my very eyes. Everything about this book from its vivid imagery to the magnificent narration to its enthralling dialogue are simply begging for a movie deal. I am desperate for Georgie and Gianluca’s story to be projected across the big screen because I honestly, wholeheartedly believe that is exactly where this love story belongs. I cannot express just how much I loved this book! I’ve read quite a bit of R.S. Grey’s work—many of which I’ve wholly enjoyed but hands down, this one is my MOST FAVORITE ever. A romantic journey between two unlikely people, one on a mission to fall madly in love while the other has sworn off love completely. What unravels in the pages of this wonderful book is one that I know I’ll think about over and over again. I have this major book hangover and all I want to do is start all over again and re-read the heck out of it. I set out with hopes of liking this book but like Georgie, instead I found myself falling madly, completely, and deeply in love with it instead.

  • DaytonaDeb - Save Your Money...made me feel terrible

    I just finished the 24 day challenge. Before I even started, I expressed concern about the Sucralose in the Spark drink and was told that the doctors on the Advocare board had done extensive research and would not recommend anything that is bad for you. Why I chose to use the product anyway is beyond me, as putting synthetic substances in my body is something I go out of my way to avoid... But the "results" looked so promising. During the 24 day challenge, I followed the plan to the letter and lost 4 lbs (and read everyday about others losing 10+ lbs - which I have decided is part of the hype).

  • kwilliams - Great value great price

    My son loves Friday night magic and these have helped him be able to get a good start on his card collection. The price is good compared to the local comic book store. He did get a few rare cards in the package. The box makes a good storage area for the cards during play