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  • mbryan777 - Restored Battery from Junk to New Condition

    My battery was ready for the place where batteries go when they die. Like one of the other reviewers, I have a rear wheel drive muscle car in the mid-west that is not driven more than once a month and not at all during periods of ice and snow. The car also has a slight current draw that has taken the battery down into the 1-3 volt range multiple times.

  • Lisa E Bell - Terrific magazine! Bought for my husband who loves to ...

    Terrific magazine! Bought for my husband who loves to bake. It had some good recipes in the Magazine. I'm glad they sent us the premier issue.

  • Mom2Kiddos - Fits the New BOB

    Works great with our BOB manufactured in 2012. Fits well with our Graco carrier. I has unsure when purchasing if I chose the right one. Works great. Love how it just snaps in!