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  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/nota-historica/ Nota Histórica | Diocese do Algarve - É ponto assente que o Cristianismo entrou no território que é hoje Portugal pelo sul, possivelmente por influência das igrejas do Norte de África. A
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/populacao/ População | Diocese do Algarve - Segundo o último recenseamento, de 2001, o Algarve tem 395.218 habitantes, mais 15,8% do que há dez anos atrás. Mas na época estival chega a albergar mais de
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/territorio/ Território | Diocese do Algarve - DIOCESE DO ALGARVE (Faro) é uma faixa geográfica no extremo sul de Portugal, com 5.071,60 Km2 de superfície, correspondendo a 5,7% da área do País. Tem 160 Km
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  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/conselho-presbiteral/ Conselho Presbiteral | Diocese do Algarve - Membros Natos: D. Manuel Neto Quintas (Bispo Diocesano); Cón. Carlos Alberto César Morais Chantre (Vigário Geral); Cón. José Pedro de Jesus Martins (Vigário
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/colegios-de-consultores/ Colégios de Consultores | Diocese do Algarve - Colégio de Consultores: Cón. Carlos Alberto César Morais Chantre, Cón. José Pedro de Jesus Martins, P. Henrique Marreiros Varela, Cón. Manuel Oliveira Rodrigues
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  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/programa-diocesano-de-pastoral-20162017/ Programa Diocesano de Pastoral 2016/2017 | Diocese do Algarve - ANO PASTORAL 2016/2017 PROGRAMA PASTORAL Chamados, com Maria, a ser discípulos e testemunhas do Evangelho da Alegria e do Amor Temos presente que a
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/cefla/ CEFLA | Diocese do Algarve - Curso Básico de Teologia para Agentes de Pastoral || 2015- 2016 Programa - Calendário Disciplina Professor Ano Semestre Revelação e S.
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/eucaristias/ Eucaristias | Diocese do Algarve - LOCALIDADE HORÁRIO INVERNO EUCARISTIA DOMINICAL HORÁRIO VERÃO EUCARISTIA DOMINICAL HORÁRIO EUCARISTIA DIÁRIA Eucaristias noutros idiomas Definição das datas de
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/padre-anselmo-borges-profere-conferencia-em-loule/ Padre Anselmo Borges profere conferência em Loulé | Diocese do Algarve - O padre Anselmo Borges profere amanhã, pelas 21h, uma conferência no salão nobre dos Paços do Concelho de Loulé sobre o tema “Valores e Liberdade: Que Fé?”
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/conselho-pastoral-da-diocese-do-algarve-reune-se-para-avaliar-o-presente-ano-pastoral-e-sugerir-acoes-para-o-proximo/ Conselho Pastoral da Diocese do Algarve reúne-se para avaliar o presente ano pastoral e sugerir ações para o próximo | Diocese do Algarve - O Conselho Pastoral da Diocese do Algarve (CPDA) reúne-se amanhã, dia 2 de maio, para avaliar brevemente o Programa Pastoral em vigor e para sugerir ações
  • http://diocese-algarve.pt/igreja-do-algarve-promove-convivio-fraterno-para-jovens/ Igreja do Algarve promove Convívio Fraterno para jovens | Diocese do Algarve - A iniciativa destina-se a jovens maiores de 18 anos e proporciona aos participantes um “encontro íntimo com Cristo”.

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  • L. R. Black - Still waiting to grow

    This product has a medicinal smell to it. I really can't tell if it's working or not and I've been using it for about a month. My hair is the same length and has not thickened.

  • Todd A. Hooper - Great feeling socks, but buy one size smaller than normal

    I bought a pair of these in black. I followed the advice of another reviewer and went a size smaller than I usually go with and they fit perfectly.

  • Forever29 - The jury is out on this one...

    I am afflicted with a very mild form of cold sore. In fact, most people will not notice or see when I have an outbreak, which is pretty infrequent, maybe only once a year or so. Instead of a tell-tale sore, or cluster of sores, I get several tiny bumps, more so resembling white heads but slightly smaller. Anyway, because mine are so small and mild, and relatively pain-free though mildly itchy, and because I purchased and use this product at the very first signs, I expected that this product would have no trouble eradicating my outbreak based on it's claims. The first day I applied it 5 times a day as directed. The second and third day, I slacked off a bit but applied 3-4 times daily. It was on the third day that I noticed my outbreak worsen instead of improve. Although still largely unnoticeable to the casual eye, I noticed that another section of my top lip (that was previously clear) now had tiny bumps. I continued to use this product through day 7 despite that my condition only seemed to worsen. Add to that, this stuff immensely dried out my lip which seemed to make my small bumps way more noticeable. If anything, it seemed as if the product seemed to spread the outbreak around to a section that has never erupted with tiny bumps. By day 7, I wanted to give up on this product, and I was so tired of the dryness and the white-ish cast it left on my lips that I was ready to call it quits. But before I did, after a little internet research I began to apply hydrogen peroxide to my lips before I added a combination of campho-phenique and Abreva. I also overdosed on vitamin c tablets and L-Lysine vitamins. Literally, that night, the tiny bumps were all but gone. The next day, I continued this regimen for good measure though the sores were largely gone. My point here in this review, is that it really took a combination of things to rid myself of cold sores, even as a mild sufferer. So I'm not sure that Abreva is even worth it's cost since it seemed to only make things worse on it's own. Though it is possible that the other things I tried along with the passage of time seemed to alleviate my cold sore, considering that (based on my research) cold sores typically last 10-14 days, I'd say 7 days is a vast improvement. I'm just not sure that Abreva contributed to this or if it had been the combination of all the other things I tried. What I can say with relative certainty is that it definitely did not clear up my outbreak on it's own and so it is definitely not a miracle in a tube. And because my sores are so small and mild, I'd imagine that it might be of less use for the common brand of cold sore. Bottom line: Give it a try to see if it works for (but I 'd advise being careful not to spread the product on unaffected areas lest you spread the infection) but don't expect a miracle.

  • Fred. K. - Pcat

    I have the Kaplan review and decided to order this book as additional material to study. I would say that this book is a lot better and easier to fallow.

  • That Guy - I was really hoping this would be a great replacement for the Tile Bluetooth locator as I hate ...

    I was really hoping this would be a great replacement for the Tile Bluetooth locator as I hate the fact that you can't replace the batteries in the Tile. What a waste. With that said, at least the Tile works much, much better than the MYNT. In fact, once the Tile is setup, that's it. It just works and works well. Tile really created a wasteful product though.

  • Jeovany Rosado - Our favorite Kinect game

    So much fun!! 4 people can play at one time, there are a variety of songs and dance routines, it is family friendly and everyone loves to play it!! Excellent workout and so funny to watch the replay after it records you dancing.

  • Bri V - Like many who suffer from cold sores

    Like many who suffer from cold sores, I have tried EVERYTHING (ice, witch hazel, hand sanitizer, garlic, you name it!) to get rid of pesky sores. If I catch my CS in time and apply abreva every few hours, I am in the clear! If I begin to form a bump and apply abreva, the size and duration of the sore are severely decreased.