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  • Diane E. - Great product

    I had received these and charged them for 2 hours, however they wouldn't connect with my phone and, actually, wouldn't even turn on. I tried charging them longer thinking they needed more time but they still wouldn't work. I emailed the company who apologized for the inconvenience and sent me out a replacement set. These charged and worked perfectly and I love them. Very satisfied with this product and impressed with the customer service I received from the company.

  • Kindle Customer - Takes time

    I have purchased this product, 2 weeks ago and have followed the exact instructions. 2 pills 30 mins before a meal. Although at first you feel bloated it subsides. I have already seen a 5 lb. loss. I did not read any reviews until today and was surprised that some have not really given it a chance.

  • Lorean - I am very pleased with the service I have received during the purchase

    I am very pleased with the service I have received during the purchase. The seller is so helpful and courteous. I am very pleased with the camera which is performing well. The quality of the recordings and the camera, both excellent, and will no doubt be even better with my upgrade memory SD card which has now been installed. Highly recommended

  • Alexander Kemple - The ps4 is a great system, but sony has really pissed me off

    The ps4 is a great system, but sony has really pissed me off. Therefore, I'll knock a star off for that one. My first 2 ps4's were received BROKEN. One had no display and the other had the blue light of death (blue blinking issue). So, far I'm enjoying the Last of Us and infamous with my now 3rd ps4 but this console does not wow me. I'm an owner of an xbox one and a ps4. I have to say the xbox is better. Let me elaborate for the naysayers. For example, on playstation you now how to pay for playstatioin plus....you get free games every month from playstation plus..but, you are required to have internet in order to play those games! sony does a good job not advertising that. With the xbox one and their free games you do not require internet. once you download it it's yours forever. if your playstation plus expires you lose access to all those FREE games sony let you download when subscribed to ps plus. SO, WHICH CONSOLE TRULY REQUIRES INTERNET TO PLAY GAMES. The PLAYSTATION DOES. Other than that the playstation is good. Realistically the games are the reason i gave it 3 stars, the console itself lacks a good User Interface (UI). I still rather play my xbox since I personally like the exclusive titles on that console more. Sony really needs to get their act together and be truthful to their customers. If I could rate this 2.5 out of 5 I would.


    This is my first diffuser so I have nothing but this experience to expound on. I love Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser! It has a contemporary look that makes my office beautiful. The colors are mesmerizing. It can be set to rotate the colors or you can keep it set on one color. This diffuser was easy to set up as well. It plugs in from the bottom, but is well made and cut so that the cords will not hinder the diffuser to sit stably on a flat surface. The diffuser is easy to open and operate. You take the top off and pour your water and oil into the base. It mists nicely. It can be set to mist continuously or mist every thirty seconds or mist with the lights. If I have it misting continuously, it lasts about five hours. If I have it set on every thirty seconds, it last about eight ours (or for my full work day and when I sleep at night its still on in the mornings if I fill it before sleeping). I love how the colors makes my office so beautiful, as I keep my office dimly lit. At night in my bedroom it is very beautiful. It automatically cuts off when it runs out of water.