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Anonymous - Anonymous - Bavolex is a natural IBS remedy that treats irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) quickly and effectively. It's scientifically formulated based on several clinical studies.

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  • Joelle Campa - It's great, if appropriating cultures is your style

    This costume is beautiful, really. But this beautiful Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead has no business being a Halloween costume. Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a holy ritual in which we, Mexicans, celebrate death just as much as we celebrate life. It's insulting that you'd take such a spiritual day and make it into something "sexy" or anything other than what it actually is. It'd be greatly appreciated if you could please stop selling this, as it is very disrespectful to associate a day like Dia de Los Muertos to a day meant to be terrifying. Culture does not equal costume

  • Robert McDonald - Review of AutoCAD 2014 for Dummies by a dummie

    I did not realize when I purchased AutocadCad 2014 for dummies that it was for Windows version only. I guess I was the Dummy. I did not find it useful. I then purchased Mastering AutoCAD for Mac by George Omura which is good but still the learning curve is steep.

  • Rosie - good product

    This appears to have worked very well. I have a very large house with about seven rooms that are carpeted so I ordered two of the 3 pound containers. I vacuumed first, then applied the powder all over the carpet evenly, focusing on the areas where the cats lay the most. then I took a brush and brushed the into the carpet until I could no longer see the powder. since then, I have seen minimal fleas, if any. Our cats are indoor outdoor, so this is more or less a never ending battle.. But with the monthly spot on formula (activyl.. The fleas in my area of Florida seem to be immune to revolution now.. in our personal experience and the local vet says so too about the fleas around here) anyway, so far it appears to have worked very well, like I said, but may have clogged one of my vacuums! I waited three days to vacuum, but still a lot of the powder comes back into the vacuum so I need to fix that. otherwise, my ankles, my cats, and I are happy :) also, so far, knock on wood, no adverse side effects on the animals or humans

  • P. Franck - Good read for decimal readers

    This book is definitely written for a decimal-reading audience. A native reader of hexadecimal would run into many confusing misunderstandings, whereas a reader of octal or binary would probably not even understand most of the book.

  • Average Joe - Excellent for anything and everything!

    An amazing laptop at an amazing price, this laptop has Windows 10, and has some apps already included within. It has (1) TB of storage, allowing you much space for work, school, or just entertainment! The audio on the laptop is amazingly clear and has good audio levels. This laptop also has a NVIDIA Geforce 940MX Graphics Card, which is great for gaming and other entertainment.

  • Christopher Thomas - Great product!

    This is a great product! It didn't cause any kind of cramping, discomfort, or diarrhea. I I use it once or twice a day for perfect cleansing.

  • Joseph Reeves - Great tool

    If you are looking for a good Wrench set at a great price this is it. This is not a snap on wrench set by any stretch of the imagination but for someone who only uses tools to fix things around the house one or twice a month this wrench set fits the bill perfectly.