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  • Customer In Tennessee - Like it

    I really like the look of it on my vehicle (don't need to be removed when going through a car wash).

  • M. Schuler - Overrated and not worth it, constant issues

    The nest seemed like a fantastic product. What I have actually dealt with is another piece of technology that takes way too much time to make 'just work'.

  • Ireke - This is not a joke!

    Ok folks-a girlfriend and I saw the ad for this, laughed hysterically, then bought some because we are suckers and are always game to try stuff. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Let me also add that my husband and kids are natural fermenters. The flatulate something fierce and deadly! So you can imagine that their offal is particularly dangerous and malodorous. Enter POO-POURRI! I raced DH to the bathroom after getting it, sprayed, and ran for my life. Usually one can't enter the restroom for at least 30mins after his presence, even if the vent fan is on. Hey this stuff was nicely filling the air and didn't seem to just be co-mingling with the stool. It was as though the stool hadn't happened. Even he was impressed. He is using it diligently (thank God!). Infact I discovered you can a) start to stool and then spray toilet and have good results and b) use it to combat potent farts, basically as a fumigant. My friend concurs.

  • Nayef - Fits my 2008 JK perfectly. Some alterations were needed ...

    Fits my 2008 JK perfectly. Some alterations were needed on the end of the cable so to have it hooked the battery.

  • M Wats - Very pretty display, matted finish is my preference

    This monitor was exactly what I wanted. I had another of the same model style but without the speakers. I just wanted a second, and there wasn't really a price difference between the other one in the store or this one on Amazon.