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  • Heather - Works Wonders

    I have had trouble sleeping on and off my whole life. I've been on prescription medication for it and after not liking the fog I experienced in the morning and the occasional "sleepwalking meals" I'd cook myself at 2am in the morning completely unaware at the time, I stopped. Recently, my sleep was worse than ever. I then tried the natural route experimenting with Vetiver, Lavender, Melatonin, etc. to no avail. After reading about the many benefits of magnesium supplements, I came across Calm. This product has helped me more than any other non-prescription or natural remedy I have tried. I put 2 tablespoons a night into a cup of hot water, stir it up, and drink when it's lukewarm. I feel sleepy anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour which to me is a 100 percent improvement from where I was at before using it. I also suffer from anxiety, so I keep a small Tupperware of it at work just incase. However, my tummy can't often handle more than the two tablespoons so I have stayed away from using anything extra unless I absolutely have to. Definitely would recommend trying Calm to anyone who has insomnia or irregular sleep patterns.

  • Kindle Customer - Very well written novel with interesting twists

    How can a supposedly smart lawyer be so stupid? Well, Scott Pratt does a good job of explaining why it might be considered. The good, the bad and the plain evil of our justice system is evidenced in this novel. Well worth the read.

  • verna b sproul - Not for me!

    No visible results. Would not purchase this item again. Maybe I expected too much for my age. May work if you are a young person.

  • Hogslayer308 - Easy to install

    Easy to install, took about 20 minutes total. Probably gave me about another mile per gallon...sounds cool when you stomp on the gas. Hoping to install the Roush exhaust this fall.

  • Prado - I lost 15 pounds!

    This product works to me. I Lost around 15 pounds in 1.5 months... It taste good and you don't need add any flavor. Remember go to the gym too ;)

  • James A Spitz - Good but not great

    Quicken is, and has been since its introduction, an excellent way to keep a balanced checkbook. Categorizing an item is easy and it learns heuristically.

  • D Allen - Buy this for your FlipBelt!

    I am incredibly pleased with this FlipBelt bottle. I have avoided carrying water bottles during my runs at all costs. I don't like carrying them in my hands and I hated the idea of having a bottle or two bouncing around on my waist. However, I signed up for an especially long run that had 3-5 miles between water stops and knew I would need water more often than that. I have a FlipBelt that I love so I was thrilled when I found this bottle to fit in it. I filled it to 8 ounces the night before my run and left it in my freezer. The middle did bulge out like I had read in other reviews but it went right back to normal once the ice melted. With 8 ounces of water I couldn't even tell I was wearing the thing. The only time I could feel that it was in my belt was after I filled it completely up but I wore it on my back and it didn't seem to bounce very much. I refilled it at every stop and was glad I decided to buy it. It was easy to take out of and put back into the belt. I can't recommend this bottle and belt enough, especially to those who are like me and cringe when they see people fighting their hydration belts and backpacks.