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  • About this blog | Decolonize Chris! - This is a blog with no one agenda or mission. This blog is a reflection of my journey living in the heart of empire. As an educator, scholar, and revolutionary in amerikkka. A geographer, researcher, idealist.

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  • R. S. Winsor - Here's an HONEST review

    New comment added 12 May 2015 - I used the original product and I think the updated product looks like they may have likely addressed many of the problems I mention below. So if you want to read my old review below, consider that the product has apparently changed a fair amount.

  • Christopher D'Urbano - Great tonneau cover!

    I highly recommend this, worth the money & is a great value. Fits my 2005 5.5ft Ford F150 bed perfectly. Is extremely easy to install & remove (you can do it yourself) as well as fold back. It is water tight & shows no sign of coming off during highway driving (been over 80 mph with it). Only concern I have is when it's folded back & clipped it allows airflow from the truck bed to swirl underneath it & stress the 2 rear clamps. During highway driving it would buffett up & down a lot so I'm planning to buy a couple of regular cover clamps to secure it to the bedrail right behind the cab just in case.

  • Laurie Meyers - I didn't notice any change using this product but I ...

    I didn't notice any change using this product but I didn't purchase Step 2. Not sure if that would have made the difference or not.

  • Vinny - Song was original explicit as promised. MP3 quality was ...

    Song was original explicit as promised. MP3 quality was crisp and clear, Received via the cloud and downloaded to my computer and phone.

  • buyer beware - SPAM

    Don't buy this product - it justs downloads a bunch of spam on your computer that takes hours to get off!