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  • Amazon Customer - DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

    I've been using this product for 8 days along with vlcd (600-800 calories). This works REALLY WELL, not only have I lost 9 lbs in 8 days but it's also helped with losing inches. My clothes are fitting better and my stomach has decreased. The taste is great also.

  • Bluechip - Dont get sucked in

    I have been using quickbooks for 10 years. Dont get sucked in. forced updates at big cost every 3 years. I just bought my upgrade from quickbooks and now find they are selling it here for 60% of what they charged with the link they put on my computer. very disappointed. I recommend finding another software system if you havn't already been hooked.

  • Paul - Original Historical Fantasy

    Great, original story that you can't put down. I enjoyed the fantasy aspect and would enjoy more lore for the universe. Maps would defiantly make the reading process more enjoyable. I did notice a couple of mistakes that should have been caught like changing someones rank mid-sentence. Overall a fun quick read. I will be reading the sequel.

  • randroark - It has a strong odor

    I don't understand how the majority of the reviews, even the poor ones, say there is no odor. I tried hot spot first and the scent was horrible. However, it went away after 2 hours. I didn't even use half of the bottle of Harris' spray and my home still smells 7 hours later. I have the window open and a fan blowing too. I felt uncomfortable in my home because of the bugs, but now I'm hoping I don't get sick from the scent.

  • Michelle Anderson - Great immune booster for me

    This is a Good product for keeping me strong and healthy and free of flu and cold symptoms. I recommend it highly

  • M. Blankenship - American hero

    What a great story. I felt like I wads walking with Mr. Palmer through his life. He has always been an inspiration to me. I cried when I heard of his passing. No line will ever fill his shoes. Society could learn so much by reading this book. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we treated people the Mr. Palmer did. It was indeed a life well played.

  • A. Carter - Buyer Beware!!!

    I have had my Newave for about a year and I have had to replace the Dome on it 3 times already, and that was waiting a few months till I got extra money. Basically, once you buy this machine you have to keep Buying a $40 Dome to use it. If you use this machine at least twice a week, you will have to buy a new dome within 4 months. Can you spare $40 everytime the thing breaks. At one point I got a dome and it cracked within a week. Their customer service is also rude, when trying to get things fixed. They messed up my order and basically told me oh well we aren't going to fix it. Don't buy!!!!