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  • Amazon Customer - The devils work

    Lots of satisfying plot twists and I can't help but wonder if the authors love for the cure includes other bands from their genre? It would delight me to no end if he mentioned echo and the bunnymen in one of his novels.

  • Mahogany - Go Ahead and Get It! :)

    I'm not one for hype, but this product truly works. It keeps my hair nice and strong and the length I've acquired since I first started using it is incredible. It's also the only thing that keeps a small area on the bottom back section of my head from breaking off. I stopped using the product for about 6 months last year and the breakage started up again. Suffice it say, I use it frequently now and I'll never stop. It won't work overnight so, you have to consistently use it. If you do, you'll see results!

  • M. R. Smith - OK very portable TENS only;proprietary pad connector; lacks NMES/EMS on comparable units

    This TENS only surface effect stimulator/massage device has some pros, but the cons would lead me to suggest you get a different combo TENS/NMES device. Though readily available at local stores, I give this only two stars. Functionally it is OK as a pain releiver, but the proprietary Omron pad connector means pads are expensive compared to any other TENS/NMES device. (NMES is often referred to as EMS for muscle stimulation). The lack of muscle stimulator function and any kind of display is a bummer, too.

  • Dr. Boss - Best tasting protein powder ever.

    Hands down the best tasting protein ever. Actually yummy. Lately when I'm busy, I've been mixing it with some frozen fruits and veggies and a scoop of berry flavored powdered greens (sorry, can't remember the name). You can also use less than a full scoop to just make some slightly vitiminized flavored water. Mixes well.