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  • Amazon Customer - study book

    This book is fantastic. I would highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the nclex exam. The cd and practice exams are very benificial. This book is easy to follow.

  • Ian D. - New Budget feature un-usable

    Like a number of other people who have been using Quicken for years, I find this new version a downgrade. It has taken away many of the usable parts of the budget. You can no longer budget based on average or quarterly, only monthly. You do not see your previous usage in a window with the single category that you are trying to adjust. They have this silly 'graph view'. They assume that you create budgets year to year, and have placed it on a bar about the graph view. They have also demoted Income Category Group, which includes Salary and other common personal Income items to 'custom group' and it appears on the bottom of the budget view. (this after you add a custom group just so it will appear at all after upgrading.)

  • H. Charlotten - Works great no smell

    I used this and it leaves no smell at all compared to that nasty hot shot one i used before. Works great kills on contact only which kinda sucks because you never know where they hide but i ended up painting and throwing my mattresses away. i have this just incase any ever come back.

  • Roger Farnham - Perfect revenge

    There is a guy in our office who comes to work early each morning and rifles through everyone's desk. Anything he finds to eat he takes. After losing a number of snacks I read about these and ordered some. I left the entire 5 pound sack in my desk. I came in the next morning and they were gone. An hour later so was he. I understand he had eaten more than half the bag and didn't leave the company restroom until well after midnight. We didn't see him again for three days.