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  • TedandAmy - Binding were set to specified length

    I purchased these same skies from this same vendor... Through their website directly (not amazon) as they were running a 10% off sale at the time. Not only were the bindings attached, they set them to the specified length of my ski boot! Additionally, both by phone and email, they were helpful and responsive to my questions about proper length of ski to purchase for my height, current weight, and experience. To be safe, it is recommended that you should always have new bindings tested at a shop for release and proper setting of Din number. That said, I would highly recommend this vendor! Can't comment on the skis them-self, as I haven't used them yet. They certainly are ascetically beautiful skis. Will update review after use.

  • Paradise - Fountain of Youth

    As a movie director working with actors & actresses in major hollywood productions for Universal Pictures, I must say this is the most wonderful product you can buy. It totally removes all lines, wrinkles,and gives the actors both men & women a face that looks 20 years younger. Do not us a moisturizer before applying. In 5-7 minutes you won't believe your eyes. No other product even comes close, and it lasts all day with no touchups. Believe me we have tried every other product out there. This is worth every penny and you will be thrilled to pieces. It WORKS. You will look 20 -30 years younger. ROBERT Edwards, Film Director.

  • Cecile Eldridge - Perez - Excellent

    My only tiny complaint is that this product is described as a brighting camouflage. It is not a camouflage product like those used in the theater and for people trying to hide scars or tatoos. For that you need a heavy duty product from Kryolan, or a similar manufacturer. This is a thick product. I usally moisturize well before applying any sort of concealor, and that worked very well. It had great coverage, blended well and I could layer it and build better coverage for hiding darker spots. It looked dewy throughout the day, mostly because I don't usually use much powder. In another review, someone had mentioned that it made her skin look dry. If you have dry skin (and ladies - let's face it, as we age...our skin is only getting drier)this product may look sort of cakey. But it need not if you moisterize properly. I really love Benefit products. This is another winner in my book.

  • Best Bentonite - Bait and switch. Very poor and misleading marketing practices.

    This product does not specify that there is an additional monthly fee to use the enhanced payroll. So, let me get this right; I paid extra for the privileged of making an additional monthly payment. Thanks but no thanks. Very poor and misleading marketing practices. I will never buy another QuickBooks product ever! And I will not be using this one.

  • Gladys Davis - No Support

    My experience with Kaspersky has been a nightmare. I purchase Pure for 3 devices. It all began last year whe I was prompted to renew my subscription and as it turned out I had 6 month left on my current subscription When I brought this to Kaspersky's attention that I was losing 6 months of coverage I was told there was nothing they could do for me. Finally I spoke with someone who realized their error and was sent 6 emails that would cover 30 days at a time This year when I attempted to use these extentsons I kept getting a message that my license had expired. I spoke with a representative from sales and all she could tell me was I had to talk to support. When I talked to support I was told I had to talk to sales. Sounds like a round around to me. Finally I asked for a refund on the 6 months they stole from me and today I received a message that the time allowed for refunds has passed. What ever you do do not sign up for automatic renewals and by all means keep records of all communication and representatives names and dates. Needless to say Kapersky will never have an opportunity to steal from me again😭