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  • Martin - GREAT product! I was skeptical, but it worked.

    A friend recommended SHREDZ to me and swore that it helped her lose weight. I was quite skeptical, as I've tried countless other supplements and so-called "miracle workers," but I ended up seeing little to no results. Nonetheless, I decided to give SHREDZ a try. I've been gaining too much weight lately, and I was desperate to lose it before attending a friend's wedding. Lo and behold, it has worked! Within just a week of taking it, I began to notice some improvement, and It only got better from there. Of course, I worked out and ate right while taking it. In the past, though, I also worked out and ate right, yet never saw the kind of positive results that I'm seeing now. I don't get jittery or have mood swings like with some other products.

  • SanPa - Failure to Launch

    Software is supposed to make work easier. Sage has failed miserably starting with the simple task of product registration. While registration serves to protect the developer, Peachtree registration is an impediment, no ... an impenetrable wall, to product use. Following Sage's simple instructions, I went to the after hours registration website. After giving Sage the marketing information it sought and spurning their varied sales pitches, I was allowed access to the registration site. The problem: there was no way to access the registration panel from the site. All other functions were also disabled. After a few minutes I quit being religated to waiting until the Monday. I do not look forward to Sage's reputed voicejail queues. I'll continue this review once the software is running, but if registration reflects product utility ... I will do what I can to secure a RMA.

  • RobV - Life saver for people w/ cold sores - downgraded in 6/5/2015 review as I found better product

    I keep a tube at work and at home. As soon as I feel a tingling sensation in the lip I apply this stuff. It is awesome to have a much abbreviated cold sore outbreak on one's lip. This stuff works awesome if you apply at the very earliest indication that you are going to get one. This usually happens for me when I am stressed out at work with way too much to get done in the scheduled time. Even though the tubes are incredibly small they last a long time for me. A couple of tubes last me years and they don't seem to lose there efficacy w/ time.

  • Bachall - I wholeheartedly recommend his product!!

    This is an excellent product that far exceeded my expectations. I bought the first jar for my mom who had a rash on her leg for three weeks when she called it to my attention. I also purchased the bar of soap for her. I used both products on her twice a day and the healing that took place was dramatic. Her leg had previously looked like she was and burn victim and now her leg is healing beautifully and the skin is turning a healthy pink.