CytoSorb-Therapy. Regain control in SIRS and Sepsis - CytoSorb® is the first extracorporeal cytokine adsorber in Europe, designed to reduce life-threatening high cytokine levels in SIRS and Sepsis by adsorption

  • Cytosorb Therapy - extracorporeal blood purification - CytoSorb® therapy is an extracorporeal blood purification therapy designed to reduce excessive levels of inflammatory mediators such as cytokines.
  • Background of CytoSorb therapy - To curb excessive and uncontrolled immune response to regain control over the course of the disease is the goal of CytoSorb. Find out about the background
  • Anti inflammatory effect of CytoSorb-Therapy - Therapeutic effect: Direct physiochemical, metabolic or clinical effects. Removal of inflammatory mediators and other endogenous substances.
  • Safety - CytoSorb® is CE Mark approved under the Medical Devices Directive, is ISO 10993 biocompatible, and is manufactured in the United States under ISO 13485 certification.
  • Fields of Application - CytoSorb - Fields of application: CytoSorb therapy is directed towards the treatment of medical conditions where cytokines are excessively elevated. Hypercytokinemia is found in a variety of clinical situations and can drive systemic inflammation – a common final pathway in many acute critical illnesses. An excessive systemic immune response in any of these syndromes may result in shock, multiple organ failure and death.
  • Testimonials - CytoSorb - Testimonials - CytoSorb - Critically ill patients with severe SIRS who do no longer respond to standard treatment are the target group that benefits most from CytoSorb. The CytoSorb adsorber should be used as early as possible in order to stabilize the patient and thus bring about a turn for the
  • cytosorb studies - Cytosorb Studies - We at CytoSorbents are continuously working on building and expanding this knowledge and clinical evidence on the CytoSorb therapy, and then provide this information to our clinical application partners.
  • Multicenter studies - CytoSorb - CytoSorbents has conducted two multicenter studies with a total of 150 patients for the indication of severe sepsis in Europe in order to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of CytoSorb® when used continuously up to 24 hours per daily treatment. The company works closely with renowned medical doctors in the field of sepsis research and intensive care. For both studies, a publication is exp
  • Monocenter studies - CytoSorb - Numerous well-known German and international hospitals are currently performing monocentric scientific studies on the efficacy and clinical effects of the use of CytoSorb in a variety of hyper-inflammatory conditions (e.g. severe sepsis, septic shock, acute pancreatitis, trauma, and
  • CytoSorb Registry - Patient inclusion in the International CytoSorb registry has started in January 2015. This independent, multi-national registry is being managed by the Stud
  • The Adsorber - CytoSorb - The CytoSorb® adsorber is composed of biocompatible porous polymer beads, each roughly the size of a grain of salt, that act like tiny sponges to remove substances from whole blood based on pore capture and surface adsorption. Substances that are larger than the pores, such as blood cells, cannot get into the pores and go around the beads.
  • Easy usage and application of CytoSorb - Therapy - Usage and application - Easy integration into routine procedures, Trouble-free connection to CRRT devices. Intra-operative use with cardio pulmonary bypass
  • Technical Data - CytoSorb - Extracorporeal blood volume: 120 ml, Flow resistance: 300 mmHg, Blood flow rates min-max: 100-400 ml/min, Max. treatment 24 hours, Anticoagulation: possible

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