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  • Holly Bowers - Gives Relief

    I have severe lumbar arthritis and some spinal stenosis. This product is easy to use and does give some relief. I use it while I'm on the computer or watching TV ... the light pad slips off the hand holder and can be slid easily under clothing. You can set the light therapy at three different levels and add extra heat if you like. The unit shuts off automatically after approx 15 minutes so you don't overdo if you fall asleep. It's easy to reset. I think it's better than a heating pad and easier to use. I'm sensitive to energy moving through my body and this is sending a good amount of infrared energy which I feel more intensely when I put it directly on my lower spine. It probably won't cure your ailment, but it should bring muscular pain relief and some overall relaxation. I would purchase additional units as gifts.

  • David Simmons - Bridgestone Tour B330 RX golf balls

    I'm a fairly high handicapper and these golf balls mitigate the amount of spin I put on the ball, the bad kind of sideways spin you get when you slice. I'm successfully working on changing my ball flight to a slight draw but still recommend these balls for the average golfer. Can still land on the green with a little backspin and hit it pretty far compared to other balls. I prefer the B330's over Titleist Pro-V1's. Excellent deal on Amazon for excellent balls.

  • Amazon Customer - Finally on the right path to optimal health!

    I have tried so many different products and prescriptions to feel healthy again and found that most had me feeling worse. I bought this book expecting more of the same results but figured I would give it the 30 days and hope for a good outcome. Well I am now about 80 days in and feeling the best I have in a very long time. Blood work is in a few weeks so that will confirm one way or the other if indeed I am on the right path. I feel so great physically as well as mentally and have even lost 7 pounds since starting. This book was so well written and very enjoyable and what it taught me about overall health and the negatives of taking most prescription drugs was very enlightening. If you are looking to get your health back the natural way then Over the counter natural cures is a must read!!!!

  • Christopher R - What a disgusting company. This product didn't work at all for ...

    What a disgusting company. This product didn't work at all for me. I was expecting it to take away some of the puffiness from my eyes but it didn't do a thing after a whole month. Plus it seemed to leave a bit of a rash. Also the lady that sold it to me was extremely pushy and rude!

  • A . Cain - Not the type of tax book a causual tax filer needs.

    I purchased this book to help with my 2014 Income Tax. Unfortunately it did not prove useful during the filing of my taxes. This book has great detail for tax planning and examples for someone that has a much more complicated tax situation than I had for 2013. My situation was regular taxes with a Schedule's A, B, and D. This book has a great deal of detail for Schedule K, Schedule C, and other complex tax situations that I would normally have a regular tax person handle. There was very little detail in this book to support Schedule's A, B, and, D that was not in the IRS instructions for those forms.

  • ktuekert - KinderBike is GREAT

    This bike delivers everything it says it would. The construction is sturdy and solid. The bike requires very little assembly. All you add is your child and time for training.