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  • Kimberly Johnson - Enjoyed

    Excellent book and I love the new take on dragons as aliens. It gives you so much to work with as far as characteristics and the ability to create your own mythos so that was really enjoyable. I enjoyed the dynamic between the two main characters. For me some of the story seemed to take away from the main storyline and it made it a little hard to read. Usually I can devour a book really quickly but when there are hesitations I have to push through it takes longer. It was excellent enough I just pushed through instead of quit reading. Pleasant read, excellent book.

  • Drifter - Should be Required Viewing in High Schools and Colleges

    Should be required viewing for all Americans over the age of 16. Unfortunately, the message would be lost on far too many American young people who have been forever lost to the dishonest socialists left. This film serves as a beacon of truth which exposes the dark lies that is socialism and reminds the thinking people among us that America is under constant attack by powerful, self-aggrandizing anti-American charlatans.

  • Katie D. - A great book for reading with my child.

    My 5 year old daughter loves this book! While reading it on my Kindle Keyboard, it would show a page with the words all average sized, but when I would click to the next page, it would have the words in large letters for easier reading for her. While she is still learning her letters and their sounds, she likes that I can read the big girl sized words and she can repeat it when I change to the bigger, Little-girl letters. I feel that this is a helpful addition to her reading. The story itself is simple, yet she understands the concept. It has become one of her favorite books for us to read together.

  • Phil Ricks - Better than Quick Books!

    Excellent accounting program. I am a CPA and I first purchased Quick books because it was compatible with so many other programs, but I quickly learned that it was not set up with an accountant in mind. I found that Quick books could not even produce a simple inventory listing with a total at the bottom that I needed for different items in my furniture store. Sage 50 is easy to set up, easy to use, easy to personalize reports and much, much better from an accounting standpoint.

  • Jae1 - Cheap but useful

    I had my doubts with this product and the long term durability is still in question but the ease of use and functionality of these space saver bags appears to be good. I didn't have any issues during any step of the process in placing clothing and blankets in the bags I used. My only gripe is that there are not enough smaller bags but that is just a personal preference for my given storage needs.

  • maars - What A Piece of Garbage!

    First off, the requirements that you MUST have broadband internet to load and/or play is absurd. Look, I just spent $60 on this thing, didn't know about this req. and then when I got the game from Amazon, loaded the disc... I had to connect with their Origins site just to download the program!!! Are you kidding me? What is the purpose of the stupid software if you have to download it off some internet site to begin with?