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  • Skeeter - Fits great, very clear mirror! Mom and baby approved!

    This guy is great! I bought this for my cousin, who has a brand new baby boy. After her initial excitement of receiving it, we took it to her SUV and attached it the front side of her backseat. It was a ridiculously easy installation. She's said baby Brantley has enjoyed seeing his Mommy and that she's been able to see him with a very clear view while driving. Hopefully, with time, the mirror will continue to be a success. I imagine you can turn it around and place it on the back of the front seats for the kiddos when they forward face, as well. Great buy!

  • Steven Ruff - and good common sense Hybels demonstrates that simply because our lives ...

    Our lives are complicated and cluttered. Every day is a struggle to maintain healthy relationships, have meaningful interactions with our children, find time to exercise, carve out time for social activities, and connect with God in a real and life-changing way. As a result of this clutter and complication, we are unable to live out our intended purposes and find lasting satisfaction. How can we find the breathing room and margin that we desperately need? The answer to that question is that we need to make our lives simpler. In his new book, “Simplify; Then Practices to Unclutter Your Soul”, Willow Creek Community Church pastor Bill Hybels tackles the problem of cluttered and complicated lives. He identifies ten core issues that produce complication and rob us of peace and satisfaction.

  • Jai Lucky - Great product for cystic acne and scaring

    I've been using Lerosett for 15 years!! I used to have major problems with cystic acne and ingrown hairs from unwanted facial hair. Trust me there is nothing worse than scaring on your face. I started applying Lerosett at night before bed and all you need is a thin layer. I let it dry and wash off when I wake up. This was advised by my Doctor who also has knowledge with African American skin. In two weeks my scars were already fading and I stopped getting the cystic acne... I still today follow the same regiment and if I'm pressed for time I apply Lerosett leave on for 30 mins, then wash off with tepid water... Great product! I'm now scar free and no outbreaks of cystic acne.

  • Laura A. Campbell - the box was a really nice fit, not too big or too small

    When my BOSSLED LED Grow Light 800W arrived, the box was a really nice fit, not too big or too small, the inner security foam wasn't that dreadful styrofoam, and it was package in a very safe and secure way, Its such an easy and nice fit that I'm keeping it just encase I ever would have to store my light when it is not in use.

  • Brent Wolczynski - Absolutely the best mattress I've ever owned

    Absolutely the best mattress I've ever owned, and my Beauty Rest cost much more. I also consistently get comments on how comfortable it is from other people who've slept on it.

  • William - Good Product!

    Spring time is here and it is time to get your feet looking great so you can show them off as the weather warms up – I love to wear flip flops! I am so busy and don’t have the time and money to go to the salon to get pedicures every week. I used the Amope foot file last summer and it worked great, my feet were so pretty! My Amope did break after a few months of consistent use and I was going to buy a new one, but I got a Groupon deal on the Pretty Feet Electric Foot File 

  • Martha Henderson - BEST WEEDEATER EVER

    I love this weedeater. I "mowed" my back yard with it. It doesn't weigh much, was easy to put together, and I like the battery rather than a cord or gas. Best thing: the filament doesn't break off even hitting branches and things.