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  • Christine Keightley - not what was described.

    The paperback book I received was NOT new. The pages are brown and yellowed, The pictures are okay. Some woman wrote about the Country Mouse and the City Mouse fable, which I don't even see included in this book. What CD?

  • Chauna I. - Sturdy, Good Deal

    These are the perfect size, are super durable, and cheap enough for everyday use. This 48 count, pack of 10 lasts my large family about 3 months. We use these for lunch and dinner almost everyday. They hold a lot of heavy food, and sauces do not leak over the side or through the bottom. We have used steak knives to cut meat on these plates and they have not cut through them either, it just leaves shallow scratch marks. So far these are my most favorite kind of paper plate.

  • jjkabiros - Ouch!!

    Let me begin by saying that whenever I feel an infection coming on I use a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide to rinse out the vagina and follow it by either the refresh gel or a Fem dophilus pill inserted inside. That has always worked for me, but I decided to try this product instead thinking it would be better balanced for my body. Immediately after using it my vagina didn't feel "right". Next day I had a full blown yeast infection that took almost a month to get rid of. I've NEVER had such a painful and uncomfortable infection. I know this is not supposed to be a "cure", but I really didn't expect what happened! Every woman's body is different and will react in different ways so hopefully this is only my reaction, but I will never use it again lol