COBRE - MDI Biological Laboratory - The COBRE grant builds upon and expands the Institution’s unique scientific expertise, providing support for junior scientists as they establish independent, extramurally funded research programs.

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  • Learning All The Time - Does curb my sugar cravings temporarily....

    This stuff is strong. I can see why people do NOT like it, but I love it. It's a weird combination of citrus, mint, pepper, and some other strong flavors. It will make your lips tingle. When used directly on my tongue, it overwhelms my taste buds with this cool, minty yet peppery feeling in my mouth that makes me able to walk away from chocolate. I also add it to water, and I just love the completely weird taste. It lingers in your mouth in a way that will ruin the taste of other food for at least 5 minutes, which is usually enough time for the acute craving to pass.

  • Stephen Price - Decent quality but the directions don't match the 2016 Explorer body exactly

    Decent quality. I installed it on a 2016 Explorer. The directions don't exactly match up to the 2016 model, but I was able to make a solid install nonetheless.

  • Sandra Glenn - Very pleased

    with this pan. It is moderately priced and to my non-expert eye, well made. It did warp a bit when I used it in a 425 degree oven, but that is not really a problem for me. I am not sure what the sticky problem is the other reviewers are talking about. This pan had a full size label on it but it peeled right off with no residue. However a Norpro cookie sheet I bought a month previous to this jelly roll pan did have sticky gunk left from the label on the cooking surface, but I just followed the advice of the other reviewers and used a little wd40 waited a bit and then it washed right off.

  • TammieB - While I did find this book very helpful overall, ...

    While I did find this book very helpful overall, I was stunned by the number of errors in it. A guidebook that is designed to help you pass an important entrance exam should be error-free - let alone should not have multiple and sometimes grievous errors! In addition to many, many grammatical errors, the section of the reproductive system included a paragraph describing how a zygote implants itself into the endometrium of the vulva!!! I've never known a zygote to grow there...

  • Kalexander - Wonderful product for ethnic hair

    I am African American and this is an absolutely wonderful product for our hair. It has made my hair very soft, frizz free and there is less damage from my flat iron and curling iron.