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  • J. Barrera - Good value with a few nitpicks

    Putting the treadmill together was relatively painless. You will need help to install the console and ensure no wires get pinched/broken.

  • Wild Wise Woman - Best Product In The World!

    We keep our cats indoors, and had never had to treat them for fleas since they were 6-week old rescues. Then my daughter came to visit with her pair of Maltipoos. The dogs were confined to one large carpeted room, but of course had access to our large fenced, wooded yard. Although the dogs were treated with Frontline, and only here for a weekend, when they left we had a horrible flea infestation. Our grandchildren were living with us at the time and we did not want to spread poison on everything, which past experience has taught us is partially-successful at best.

  • Aéyess - There is Love in the Work

    Picking Corey apart for this record has been an exercise in age shaming, talent shaming, white privilege shaming, Michael Jackson shaming, and on and on. Corey clearly put his heart into the record and worked really hard on it. There are flashes of exceptional music. We should all be free to live our dream and not be destroyed on the internet just because how someone performs doesn't fit your particular version of excellence. You have to take the music in the spirit in which it is given not compare every artist to the incomparable. Corey, if you're reading this, I believe in you, and would love to record with you because I see in your work the love you put into it.

  • Christopher Fielder - I lost one FM station that was mediocre at best to start

    Ok so I live in riverside, about 40 miles south of LA. That being said, I lost one FM station that was mediocre at best to start, about four are good after being great, and the other 7 there is no difference. On Sirius all stations are fine but I do get an occasional, very brief drop. I assume I have less issues because I'm in a large market with strong stations.

  • Erin S. Bennett - now I just need to clean the hair off the shroom and I'm good to go

    I've had this for a few weeks now and so far it works as advertised. My wife may be part Wookie, that would explain how she sheds so much hair and isn't bald yet. My daughter isn't too far behind her. Before the shroom I was snaking the tub drain every month, now I just need to clean the hair off the shroom and I'm good to go. The shorter dog hair was caught easily too when they were bathed in the tub.

  • Mary Jo DiBella - Works great!

    There are several well-known brand names for anti-virus software. I tried this one after having used the others.

  • AP user - Great emergency light and all around lighting for picnic table

    These lanterns are really bright! I would like to have a lower power setting instead of lowering the light into the unit to reduce the amount of brightness. The COB LED's put out a better light then lanterns with all the individual LED's. The flashlight is an added bonus light that I didn't think would be that great, but it has bright focused light. I bought these as backup lighting for the up coming winter storms coming this year if the power goes out.