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  • AnnHennessy - Get them for a treat :)

    This is a great snack attact ! At about 35 cents a bag they work for me. I really got them for my adult son. He working 60 hours a week, and needs a treat now and then. This is better than going to the store and paying more. He loves Cheez-It, and both kinds of cookies. He will be surprised. The other nice thing, is the box is not big, and will fit in his small apartment kitchen

  • Julie Aime - Only one subscription.

    I was really happy with the update, but I can only use it on one computer. This was purchased for a music department at a small middle school to share. It's hard with only one subscription. My Finale 2010 had 3.

  • KJCharlotte - Fiske Guide is a Must-Have

    We are sending our first child to college. I had read that the Fiske Guide is one of the best. I am a person who does a lot of research when making important decisions, so I have purchased a few of the college guides. I think the Fiske Guide is one of the best -- a must-have.

  • Bemcdermotts - It does the trick.

    While I enjoy a cold beer as much as the next person I really enjoyed this product. I have ever found that in fact keeping the Coozie in the fridge too can help sustain the long lasting temp of this coozie. I really like the durability of this product. I also like the weight. It feels right with a nice Cold can of brew in it. It really does the trick. My husband loves it a lot and he is a regular beer drinker. I think this is a great gift for the beer drinker in your life. I know exactly what I'm getting the guys for the holidays!