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  • GLIverson - This is my second unit from BatteryMINDer.....

    My first was a quite expensive unit designed specifically for the Gill Brand batteries in my aircraft (Almost $200 for that one!). The concept and function of these units is like no others on the market! (At least in theory that is.) The people from BM went to the battery manufacturers to get details, data, and to work with them to achieve the best maintenance chargers offered on the market today, or so they tell us in their sales info. They are NOT cheap to be sure. These high quality units should last for a very long time, and will do what no other simple charger or maintainer will do, in that they specifically modify what they do by temperature and battery condition..... even to a desulfation operation(that is, if they actually will do what they say they will do!). To achieve the longest battery life possible, and especially so if you have a unit of some type with an expensive battery that must sit idle for longer periods of time between uses, this is the best you can get. (Note: This Is Not a quick charge unit by any stretch of the imagination. It has a max. out put of 4 amps.... if that..... but it is not designed to do that either.)

  • John A. Rauth, Jr. - Unbelievable. I was skeptical but this really works. THANK YOU BEVERLY!

    My friend Beverly R recommended this supplement to me a month ago when I was having an arthritis flare up. Forty seven is too darn young to have such painful fingers. I mentioned this to Bev and she told me about Doctors Best Serrapeptase.

  • Shiratha - Nice for Bathroom

    I wanted to try this essential oil since I had heard many people attest to the fragrance. However, I am not so thrilled with it. It will be used in the bathroom; but, I use other aromas in my personal space.

  • Bertram - Great Job!

    Enjoyed the entire trilogy! This is new to me the army way of life from boot camp to being posted even though this was in the future and the war was against an alien race of nasty centipedes. But I could relate to the story line as it pertains to the army way of life. Thanks Mr Arenson!

  • Tonya m littlejohn - Love this product!!!

    I love the tingling cool sensation when washing my hair let's me know that it's working into the scalp and after using the bosely conditioner my hair has body and shine, I love this product and will continue to buy it👍

  • Brittany S. - My daughter loves playing this, however I wish they ...

    My daughter loves playing this, however I wish they would stop putting old songs on these. Most of these songs she has never even heard of. They should put more new songs on here instead of songs from the 50's and 60's.