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  • Reader - Stronger hair!

    I am very happy with this product which was recommended by author "Chicoro" who wrote, "Grow It". The book is about how to grow ethnic hair that is coiled/curly. My hair was breaking every month and it was how I was treating it and also that I never used protein treatments. Right away, I noticed a difference after using Aphogee 2 step protein treatment. The secret is to follow the directions carefully and deep condition afterwards. If your hair is shedding heavily, breaking and splitting, this product will stop it cold. It works very well, but don't use too often.

  • Robyn Higdon - Awesome Dad Story!

    It's so nice to read a book that shows a strong, nurturing DAD for a change! We moms are lucky if we have a spouse like the dad in this book and such men should be celebrated as role models for our sons. Illustrations are also very nice. We loved it :)

  • Amazon Addict - Great but not perfect

    This is a great stroller but it's not perfect. We wanted a lightweight stroller which is easy to collapse and use. This is one of the lightest ones (aside from cheap umbrella strollers) which is great but it would have been greater if the collapse mechanism was truly a one-hand job. I find that you do need both hands to open and close this stroller. This can be a bit challenging at times when you have a little one in your arms. In addition, I find that a console is missing where one can put keys or phone in. This one has just a handle bar which is not adjustable. Overall, if you are looking for a good quality stroller, which doesn't cost and arm AND a leg) and you don't mind the few cons, then this is it. This is a good stroller for longer walks and for travel. No need to buy a heavy duty stoller AND a travel stroller, this is good for both.

  • Connie Ades - Bad Attitude Getting Better With Time

    We are about half way through the program and are still making adjustments to our son's behavior and attitude. Though it is slow in changing, the program has actually shown us, as parents, not so much as what we're doing wrong but trying things from a new perspective. We've noticed several things that we were doing that needed tweaked, and that helped us to understand why are son goes off at times. We also found that there was a lot more negotiating and emotional blackmail going on than we thought. So, with some of the tools we've learned so far, we don't fall into those traps, and are able to take control of the situation at hand before it escalates. It was definitely worth the time and money invested.

  • Kindle Customer - We love these

    They're gummies and the good stuff, who can resist? Of course they're made with high fructose corn syrup... they're gummies. We take them everyday and I have healthy kids, no clue if they go hand in hand.