Congestive Heart Failure Facts & Prevention - Discover the best ways to avoid and reverse the deadly symptoms of heart failure naturally without drugs or surgery.

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  • Doc Ahrens - Wow! Most comfortable shoes I've ever owned!!

    I wear size 13 1/2 B and most shoes when they get past 13 fit really weird. I bought size 14. These are by far the most comfortable walking shoes I've ever owned right out of the box with no break in. I have worn them almost constantly since buying them 3 days ago and they're as comfortable as the first second I put them on!! They are so light weight I barely feel like I'm wearing shoes.

  • ZoomDoc - Excellent consumer treadmill

    I've had this treadmill since 2009 and never got around to writing a review. This is a heavy duty heavy use foldaway treadmill. I never use the fold away feature but will now do so because the area underneath the treadmill gets dirty and needs cleaning. Pull up vacuum and off I go. Did a ton of research to determine which treadmill would fit my needs and this got my vote. I hate cheap work out equipment. I want a long lasting well built product with some bells and whistles but not overkill. This has a top fan that is very handy. Has stereo music system with built in speakers on either side, and the basic selectable programs. You will need help putting this thing together and it is heavy. Do not attempt to handle this monster alone. Intuitive and easy to use interface. Make sure the electrical in the room you plan on using this is rated high enough. It will continually blow a 15 amp circuit. Problem: I have black particles pouring off the mat but to be fair I was one of the idiots that never bothered to lube the mat. A big mistake. Lube the mat with a silicone based product like lube-n-walk. This is recommended brand on the Sole website. Stay away from the aerosolized sprays. My machine over the last two days is tripping the treadmills internal circuit breaker. This is symptomatic of an engine being over worked and overheating. That's why you lubricate every 3 months. No exception to this rule. In other words do the simple maintenance and you will not have a problem with this machine. This is close to commercial club quality. Highly recommended. I put 3-4 miles on this every day seven days a week. Money well spent. By the way Lube-n-walk is carried by Amazon so no excuses. I had to learn the hard way. You have been warned.