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Cerilliant-Certified Reference Materials | Certified Reference Standards | Analytical Standards - We specialize in certified reference materials as well as certified reference standards, chemical reference standards and analytical reference standards. We also specialize in analytical reference materials as well as pharmaceutical reference standards, environmental reference standards and forensic reference standards. Please visit our website for more details.

  • https://cerilliant.com/capabilities/synthesis.aspx Custom Organic Synthesis | Custom Reference Standards | Custom Reference Materials - We specialize in custom organic synthesis as well as custom reference standards and custom reference materials.
  • https://cerilliant.com/capabilities/certifiedSolutions.aspx Certified Solution Standards | Chemical Reference Standards - We specialize in certified solution standards as well as diagnostic test kit components, chemical reference standards and pharmaceutical reference standards. We also specialize in environmental reference standards as well as alcohol reference standards, drug reference standards and pharmaceutical impurity standards. Please visit our website for details.
  • https://cerilliant.com/capabilities/certifications.aspx Analytical Reference Standards | Analytical Reference Materials - We specialize in analytical reference standards as well as analytical reference materials.

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  • Christine Carlson - It is the "next" step.

    The auditing aspect was a different coding mind set, and it deepened my understanding---it's a bit like deconstructing coding. I always like Buck's teaching approach: a lot of words to make sure you "get" it.

  • Bongo - New Review-Used to work...Old Review-Only one to work for me.

    I have tried the CET solution and the toothpaste with both soft brushes and rubber nubs but neither did a thing for my dog. This is simply a miracle in a bottle. I should also mention my dog broke a few back teeth on a bone so the protective coating is off and it's bare tooth. In week one the canines went from dark orange to mostly white. Week two they looked bright white. The back teeth are much improved after the third week and I will give it a month of daily treatment before going to the twice weekly regimen. Like any dog owner, I do worry about everything I put in my dog's body and this is no different. It says all natural, which I like, but you just never know when it comes to animal products. The company hasn't been around for a long time, but I weighed the pros and cons between using it and the effects of tartar on my dog's organs. Also, it is now being sold at my local feed store and he is very particular as to what products he offers.

  • MicahTheProphet - good but not worth 400$

    I got this from my mom who got it through work, unlike the previous version of Microsoft Office you have to use the program before it uninstalls the others which is annoying. There are a lot of cool new features like the ability to put video in documents or shape merger on power point and the ability to customize outlook. However I would NEVER spend 400$ because there is no ground breaking improvements.I'm giving this 4 stars for its overall preformance and features but I WOULDN'T RECCOMEND THIS TO A FRIEND.

  • N. Leicht-Crist - Love it

    Comfortable seat that is super easy to install in the car. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, just too bad they didn't have the red one. That would've been my color compared to the brown that I had to go with. But still great seat and well worth the money.

  • John Lebo - Downfall of a once great product.

    I read the terrible reviews about prior Quickbook users buying a new copy and having terrible problems, but I went ahead and bought it because I thought since it is Quickbooks and I use it every day it must be ok. Well I was terribly wrong. Does not work well, help button does not even work, customer support is awful. Life is too short to get bounced around for hours with people from all over the world that have poor US English skills and very little product knowledge.

  • Roger Olsen - Again nice product and dressed up the interior but not sure ...

    Again nice product and dressed up the interior but not sure the long wait for shipment made it worth it.