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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • duke - Slow, Slow, Slow

    This game is terrible. Never once did I find the American maps that were advertised, I could only download maps from mods sites on the internet which FYI are always trying to get you buy something or download third party spyware. Next once my 2 hr download for the game was finished I thought the waiting was over because it must have loaded all the graphics in advance and would have fast game play. Once again I was wrong, it takes approximately 10 sec. to even get a tractor to move (yes I actually counted). The games play was so slow and boring I have even deleted the game totally from my computer. The Xbox version is supposed to be much better, but I chose the PC version because of the ability to download mods for the game, which are virtually endless. That is the only positive I can say about the game. My recommendations is not to buy this or at least get a demo first.

  • Brian L. Seekford - Worked well for electronics but doesn't let you plug into the matrix.

    Reasonably priced and met my needs. I tried to use them to connect myself to the TV matrix style, but that did not work. Apparently only things like fire tvs, xbox's, dvr's and other so called "electronics" are able to use them.

  • lovon - Roxio is not worth a fraction of the cost

    I had a Roxio Many years ago it worked very well it was a little pricey. I decided to buy a new version the Pro 11 model. Bad decision it is only marginally compatible with windows 7. When we installed it windows would not start up without considerable trouble. Assistance from Roxio is marginal at best. I have decided I probably spent my $100 on a white elephant. Since I have deleted it no problem I am wondering if it is worth the hassle. I get replies from Roxio but mostly talking to a computer not a live person nothing personal nobody is interested in my problem since they have my money

  • Ruth Hart - they are comfortable to wear

    I had fairly recently bought some other 'running' headphones that got good reviews. However, I found that they just fell out when I was running and I was constantly needing to adjust them. These ones, however, are great. The ear clips hold them in place perfectly and they are comfortable to wear. The sound is nice and clear, very good for the price. I switched the running pouch to my right arm and the sound is clear as a bell. I've used these for a few weeks now and really like them.

  • Amazon Stockholder - So Far...So Good

    UPDATE 10/22/13: Have spent a couple of days playing with the app version for the iPad and iPhone and have discovered the first glitch in the program. When trying to attach a receipt picture with an entry made on the phone, the app will crash. The only way I have found to add a receipt image is to take the picture first, and attach it from your camera roll. Even though the app gives you the option of capturing the image during the data entry process, it just doesn't seem to work.

  • Brian D. Becker - Do not waste your time and money

    This is the third version of Roxio I have purchased (now at NXT) with the hope that it might some day actually work. I have a computer built just for this type of photo album and slide show presentations but the product continues to not work. It freezes up constantly and is difficult to use.