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  • L. Davis - Love Alter Ego, Energizing Shampoo....not so much

    I gave the Alter Ego set 4 stars because while I love the conditioner and the drops, the shampoo did not give me great results as I'd hoped for. The shampoo was very drying to my hair. I am a long time user and fan of the Alter Ego line of products and I use the garlic conditioner and drops on a regular basis. I will probably always use those 2 products because they are staples in my hair care regiment. The shampoo is not an item I will use again once I finish this bottle.

  • Slippchild - Great for other people but not for me

    This is a high quality case. Very well made. What I don't like about it however is that it's slippery on the back where i think it should be grippy so you can hold it. And it's sticky on the front up against your face where it should be smooth. So it sticks to your face not to your hand? That's bad design. Also you can't prop it up. It's too slick to prop up on my desk or table or dashboard. I like to prop up my phones so I can see notifications without having to pick up my phone. This case just wasn't designed for my regular needs. But it's made with very high quality if that's what you're looking for. Ill go

  • jjswan33 - Great bike for this price.

    For the price of the bike the features are great. I wanted the disc brakes and the higher end components. The shifters could be better.

  • Monica K - Pretty good stuff

    Don't expect miracle. It won't make your cellulite go away or anything like that but it does make your skin look toned, firm and smooth. My friends asked me if I have been going to a gym.

  • Gary C. Schaus - Mameroo saves the day for the parents.

    Bought Mamaroo for our grandson. He is in it everyday and seems to enjoy the various motions produced by it. When awake he enjoys the motion which usually lulls him to sleep. Great aid for his parents with helping keep him contented.

  • episteve - I'm improving everyday and very happy with the product

    I used the first 7 week supplyajd now on the second. I'm improving everyday and very happy with the product.

  • RayH - Great shampoo and aroma is very plesant

    We really like this shampoo. Sudsy and the aroma is nice. Baby likes bath time and he really loves getting his hair washed with this stuff. We really like Burt's Bees product and this one is just as good as the others we have used!