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  • JeffM - Good Product - Poor Support

    Been an Acronis user for a few years, including 2016. The product does function as advertised with a few bugs (that do not impact backup and recovery, at least for me). But be warned: Acronis has a terrible support policy. You can only get support for 30 days after purchase unless you want to pay for support! And even when they come out with an update, if there is a problem there is NO way to report it (and no I am not going to pay to report their problems). Yes they have a forum, but it says right on the site that Acronis does not monitor the forum, so if you post a problem all you get is a lot of other users agreeing with you that there is a problem - but you don't get a solution.

  • Diane Carrizo - I returned and ordered in a wide width and it was perfect. My husband is an HVAC Technician at a ...

    I reordered this same boot in the same size but the size was different. It was smaller than the first pair. I returned and ordered in a wide width and it was perfect. My husband is an HVAC Technician at a hospital so he's on his feet all day; inside and outside; wet and cold conditions. The first pair is still hanging in more than a year ago! This is a great boot for the money and it really looks good too.

  • bizzee1 - It works! But...a little pricey.

    This is the ONLY product that helps my daughter with her allergies consistently. It works better - and is safer - than many over the counter meds like Sudafed and Zyrtec! The only problem is the price. If this company would lower their price a bit we would use this product all the time! I also know it works better than alfalfa which many health conscious people use...Again, this product would have my 5 stars if it were not for the price...


    I LOVE this Apalus straightening brush! I would have given anything back in the 70's for a brush like this! My hair is curly/frizzy. I have tried everything: Brazilian Blowout, regular straighteners, too much conditioner, etc. Nothing has worked until this brush. I keep it on the lowest setting and after using a heat protectant on my hair, take about 2" of hair at a time and put the brush UNDERNEATH the hair and slowly brush thru. After I do all of my hair from UNDERNEATH, I then go over the top wherever it's needed. I usually use a glove on one hand and "flick" the ends with the brush to turn them under. I ordered another Apalus brush for my daughter and granddaughter for Christmas because it works so well. I like the fact it turns itself off after 2 hours. The cord is long. I wouldn't waste my money on other brands because I know this one works! I have used it for about 5 months and I hope it lasts forever, if not, I will definitely buy another Apalus!

  • Scrooge - Good deal.

    It is a good book to keep the coins in & it is well arranged. I wish it had a clear plastic over the coins.

  • Mathew Irons - A diiferent approach to writing a magazine about cars

    I like it, I have read it in magazine form and wanted to try it on my Kindle Fire HD, The editors of Automobile have a different take on the auto industry than the other magazines I have read. I like the auction portion of magazine, its interesting to see what is on the auction block and to see what they went for