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  • michael j rivera - Let there be light!

    Totally satisfied with these. Item arrived in two days exactly as advertised. I put out to charge for a full day and at night they all popped on beautifully. These are a bit stronger (brighter) then others I have bought before but still in the "accent" light realm. I love the fact of the lifetime guarantee and have even received email directly from seller reminding me of the warranty if I ever have an issue. All the other Solar light I purchased have all just stopped working after about 1 year.

  • Angela M Williams - Kaplan GRE Premier 2014

    I love the online course syllabus features with the practice and diagnostic tests, DVD and the capability to sync with Kno for mobile devices (incl. digital flashcards). There are two major downfalls: the online practice and diagnostic tests are not available via the mobile app (like on my iPad) and this book seems to be a teaser to encourage people to learn the true Kaplan strategies through their premium fee based on-line courses. I have been supplementing my studies with for the GRE on You Tube because sometimes reading over 500 pages of text needs a map and a compass to make it through the maze of the multiple levels of standardized test-taking issues. The responsiveness of Kaplan tech support (on-line and via email) and the Kaplan instructors via Facebook should be acknowledged as a nice feature as well. You are granted access to the archive of "blog" test-taking shortcut strategies from the Kaplan instructors which can be incredibly helpful - but this does take some time to search through their library of information. Additional positives - Kaplan's written higher test score guarantee and you can return the course book and DVD to Amazon for a credit when you have completed the exam (because of course this material will be outdated by the time you need to study for the GRE in 2015). DEFINITELY worth it if you are disciplined at self-study, are short on study time and can purchase "new" from a vendor at less than retail price via

  • Jason - Everything worked except the wind gauge

    I would have given this 5 stars except the wind guage 'blew up' the first day I had it out at work. Everything else worked out fine, I'm just working on getting a new fan for the wind guage.

  • R. Ruiz Jr. - Not a miracle in a bottle, but very effective!

    My 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Sport has reached 100K miles and I needed to spoil her by buying some kind of engine treatment. My mechanic recommend this product and I'll tell you that the engine runs a lot smoother.

  • Julio Uzategui - I got these as a gift and I was disappointed. The audio sounded distorted and then the right ...

    I got these as a gift and I was disappointed. The audio sounded distorted and then the right side just cut off completely. I was expecting better quality for something that is very well presented.

  • Anonymouse Amazon Customer - Perfect for my needs

    Can't add much more technical details - plenty of people have covered it. However, want to make clear to people considering this purchase: know what you are buying. You cannot run Windows applications and if you need to, get something else. Personally, I was already entrenched in the Google web apps - have used GDocs exclusively for a couple of years. If you work on several devices, GDrive is the easiest ever. My last netbook was an Asus. I consider this along the lines of a netbook as it is lightweight and inexpensive. It has a perfect size for my older eyes in comparison to my netbook- it seems much bigger. It works great. No, the screen is not the absolute best. No, it is not made of aluminum, but it feels as sturdy as any laptop/netbook I have owned. For 250 bucks, this is looovely! I am very happy with this purchase.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice case but little protection for screen!

    Perfect fit for my new phone. I am not sure if the screen will be protected against a drop on the face since there is very little indentation. The case is almost flush with the phone, so be sure to get a tempered glass screen protector. If you want to protect your screen from an accidental drop, this is the wrong case. The clear case appearance is very good and all the Iphone 7 buttons are in the correct places to allow proper function. The on off button takes a little work to depress but does work just fine.