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  • Lisal - Doesn't work

    My mirror and a picture fell off the wall both breaking and they were not over the weight limit don't buy

  • NeysaZ - The first book in the Tudor trilogy.

    I really enjoyed this version of the historical characters in the time of the Wars if the Roses. It was very interesting to see "the other side of the story". I am now reading the second book in this series, and am also enjoying it very much. Now eagerly awaiting the release of #3.

  • Stefanie Ella - GREAT!

    I ordered these registers and they arrived only 2 days later! Super fast shipping and the registers look great! My bank was closed and they are very stingy about giving me check registers... so this really worked out great. I have already recommended these to all of my friends, 5 registers go a long way. Thanks!!!

  • M. Figueroa - Awesome Cube!

    This cube has gone above and beyond my expectations! It cuts corners perfectly and the added curve to the cube actually makes it a little bit easier to hold and maneuver the cube during solving.It is definitely a high quality cube making it worth the premium price it has compared to other speed cubes on the market.

  • HB Jennie - Gorgeous

    This is so beautiful; I want a tree full of them. They are great keepsake gifts and everyday ornaments. Even better - IT IS NOT TO HEAVY TO HANG ON YOUR TREE!!! This is such a bonus considering the weight of some of the luxury ornaments out there. This can even be hung near the top of the tree. It is not fragile, but is not overly heavy either. No stand needed!! I love it

  • LARRY P. - they worked to quieten my pump noise and allowed me ...

    they worked to quieten my pump noise and allowed me to relocate the pump to make cleaning the straner much easier

  • quilter - Did not help

    Took 1 bottle, but could not see any difference in arthritis pain. No side effects. So rated it okay. .