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  • lindy weiland - OUTSTANDING BOOK

    This book is OUTSTANDING. It definitely covers EVERYTHING a person needs to know to PASS the exam: THANK YOU!

  • Kitchanman - Kitchanman

    I took a look at my knives the other day and tried to remember which of the women I've been with left me with those. So I decided to buy my own set of knives to go with my completely rearranged kitchen. I chose these based on reviews I read here and have not been disappointed. The knife selection is good and the set is worth the price just for the steak knives alone. The only thing I have against the set is the chef's knife it needs to be offset to be effective in chopping and dicing vegetables. I will be replacing that with a better one soon.

  • Cynthia - Good so far

    Good so far, I was surprised my family rebooted, while I was at work, needed to reboot, and it did the trick. I usually don't have to reboot until the modem is older and on its way out, I hope it will last a long time.

  • Barbara Dwyer - Our students love it!

    We purchased The Real ACT (CD) 3rd Edition (Real Act Prep Guide), Barron's ACT Flash Cards, and Up Your Score: ACT, 2014-2015 Edition: The Underground Guide. For our students, Up Your Score: ACT, 2014-2015 Edition: The Underground Guide is their hand down favorite. When your students actually enjoy studying, guess what happens to their scores? That's right.

  • Brett - I love this Camera.

    Very nice my daughter is really pleased with it,the camera got a parts like the battrey cover that if got handaled with care will shap off dont thick it whould last to long if used a lot.but service good

  • P. Kinyon - Vamp Romance

    This is an interesting twist on the cliche vampire romance. "The Shade" provides an intriguing picture of life in a sanctuary for vampires because the Shade's vampires are the evil, blood-sucking monsters of legend rather than the sparkly vamps of Twilight and similar tales. Of course, vampires vary in their degree of depravity (pretty tough to make a case that any of them are good when they all survive by drinking human blood) and some of them are quite good looking, especially their prince, Derek.